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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: All Best Materia Complete List

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All Best Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: A Comprehensive Guide

All Best Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: A Comprehensive Guide

News: Among the remarkable Materias available, the Comet Materia stands out. With this Materia, you can invoke a celestial spell, bringing forth a colossal comet that erupts into a blazing explosion. When advanced to Cometeor, the resulting blast becomes significantly more formidable. You can acquire this Materia in the Nibel Region through Chadley’s Materia Development program.

Magic Focus Materia

For practitioners of magic, the Magic Focus Materia proves to be indispensable. When paired with other Materias, it amplifies the effectiveness and duration of spells. The augmentation begins with a modest 5% increase, progressively reaching a formidable 25% boost at the fifth tier. Characters such as Aerith and Red can significantly enhance their magical abilities with this Materia. You can obtain it through Chadley’s Materia Development program after exploring Gongaga.

Jump Materia

The Jump Materia proves especially beneficial for characters lacking the ability to jump during battles. This Materia empowers the character to leap into the air, momentarily vanish, and then deliver a potent strike upon landing. Its effectiveness is particularly pronounced against airborne adversaries. When synergized with the ATB Boost Materia, it introduces a layer of flavor and dynamism to battles, making the combination a strategic choice.

Assess Materia

Ranked among the game’s most indispensable Materias, the Assess Materia provides a comprehensive overview of enemies’ statistics, revealing their vulnerabilities. When affixed to Cloud, it establishes a sustained advantage by cataloging information on newly encountered foes in your Enemy Intel, offering strategic insights for subsequent encounters.

Auto-Unique Ability Materia

For those seeking seamless integration of unique abilities for allies during battles without direct control, the Auto-Unique Ability Materia is an essential inclusion. This Materia simplifies challenging encounters by enabling the automatic utilization of unique abilities, proving particularly advantageous for Synergy Abilities.

Auto-Weapon Ability Materia

Empowering characters like Barret to unleash weapon abilities autonomously, the Auto-Weapon Ability Materia ensures swift battles and heightened efficiency, even when not under direct control. Additionally, at the second tier, it provides a 2% boost to strength, further enhancing combat capabilities.

Strength Up Materia

Tailored for characters emphasizing physical strength, the Strength Up Materia proves to be a versatile choice. With an initial 5% increase, it escalates to an impressive 25% boost at the fifth tier. Easily obtained, this Materia can profoundly elevate your character’s combat prowess, making it a valuable asset in enhancing their overall abilities.

MP Up Materia

Essential for those adept in magic, the MP Up Materia proves invaluable. Commencing with a 10% increase in maximum MP, it progresses to an impressive 30% boost at the fifth tier. Characters like Aerith and Cloud, heavily reliant on magic, stand to gain significant advantages from this Materia. The synergy achieved by combining it with the ATB Boost Materia further amplifies their damage output.

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Magic Efficiency Materia

Critical for practitioners of magic, the Magic Efficiency Materia plays a pivotal role by diminishing the MP cost of linked Materia spells during battle. As it advances to the third tier, it achieves a remarkable 50% reduction in the MP cost of connected Materia spells. This Materia can be acquired through Chadley’s Materia development program in the Junon region.

ATB Boost Materia

For an augmentation in combat prowess, it is strongly advised to obtain the ATB Boost Materia. This Materia provides a transient third gauge, facilitating quicker and more impactful attacks. Its synergy with Synergy Abilities enhances its effectiveness. You can acquire this Materia through Chadley’s Materia development initiative in the Corel Region.

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, a diverse array of potent Materia awaits, promising to significantly elevate your gameplay experience. Spanning from formidable spells to distinctive abilities, these Materia are scattered throughout the game world. Exercise strategic acumen in their deployment to maximize your characters’ strengths, ensuring an immersive adventure filled with impactful choices and thrilling encounters.


Q: What is the process for acquiring the Comet Materia?

A: To obtain the Comet Materia, you need to complete Chadley’s Materia Development in the Nibel Region.

Q: Which characters derive the most advantage from the Magic Focus Materia?

A: Characters like Aerith and Red can significantly benefit from the Magic Focus Materia as it enhances the potency and duration of spells when paired with other Materia.

Q: How does the Jump Materia function in battles?

A: The Jump Materia enables characters who don’t possess the ability to jump in battle to execute a mid-air jump, briefly disappear, and then land with a powerful blow. This particular maneuver proves highly effective, especially when facing airborne adversaries.

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