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Enshrouded Release Date: Platforms, Story, Gameplay & More

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Enshrouded Release Date: Platforms, Story, Gameplay & More

Enshrouded: A Gripping Multiplayer Survival Experience

News: Enshrouded, an eagerly awaited multiplayer survival game created by Keen Games, is scheduled for release on Steam’s early access on January 24th at 7 am PST. With its enthralling open-world setting and compelling gameplay dynamics, this game is poised to deliver an exciting experience for players.

Experience Freedom in Enshrouded’s Open-World

Enshrouded is now available for wishlist additions on Steam, and eager players can acquire the game starting at 7 am PST on January 24th. The game’s creative director underscores that the early access phase provides players with the liberty to explore the expansive open world and forge their unique paths. Whether players opt to concentrate on constructing a robust, subterranean storage-equipped base or plunge headfirst into combat, armed with weapons and shields to confront creatures in the forest, Enshrouded grants the freedom to tailor the gaming experience to individual preferences.

Release Date for Different Time Zones

– Pacific Time (PST): 07:00 AM on January 24th

– Mountain Time (MT): 08:00 AM on January 24th

– Central Time (CT): 09:00 AM on January 24th

– Eastern Time (ET): 10:00 AM on January 24th

– Atlantic Time (AT): 11:00 AM on January 24th

– Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC): 03:00 PM on January 24th

– Central European Time (CET): 04:00 PM on January 24th

– Eastern European Time (EET): 05:00 PM on January 24th

– Indian Standard Time (IST): 08:30 PM on January 24th

– China Standard Time (CST): 11:00 PM on January 24th

– Japan Standard Time (JST): 12:00 AM on January 25th

– Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST): 01:00 AM on January 25th

Pricing Details for Enshrouded

Enshrouded, developed by Keen Games, is a much-anticipated multiplayer survival game slated for a January 24th release on Steam. While the game is currently open for wishlisting, the official pricing details remain undisclosed. It has been confirmed that Enshrouded will not adopt a free-to-play model, and the exact cost will only be revealed around the launch date. However, community speculation suggests potential prices, with projections spanning $50, $40, and $30.

Toast, the community manager for Keen Games, shared that Enshrouded will feature a single-box price, competitively positioned within its genre to avoid the high costs associated with AAA titles. The early access pricing is expected to be more affordable than the final 1.0 release. Players can actively engage in discussions and share their excitement about the game’s pricing on Discord. The early access phase for Enshrouded offers enthusiasts the chance to immerse themselves in the mystical world of the game before its full and official release.

A Diverse Gaming Experience in Enshrouded

Enshrouded, an ambitious open-world RPG developed by Keen Games, promises players a diverse gaming experience reminiscent of the success of Valheim in early 2021. The game seamlessly combines elements of crafting, base building, exploration, fantasy combat, and skill trees, creating a rich and immersive world for players to immerse themselves in. While drawing some parallels with Valheim, Enshrouded stands out as a unique adventure, offering a mix of role-playing, fighting, and shooting genres.

An Epic Adventure in the World of Embervale

Immersed in the enchanting realm of Embervale, Enshrouded beckons players to undertake an epic journey in a land plagued by a mystical pestilence unleashed by their forebears. Positioned as survivors, players traverse a sprawling continent sculpted in voxel-based intricacy, influencing their fate through a blend of survival instincts, intricate crafting, and engaging action RPG combat. Within a realm tainted and transformed by the malevolent Shroud, players embark on scavenging expeditions amid the remnants of a once-majestic kingdom, contending with ravenous beasts and clashing against formidable factions such as the Scavenger, Vukah, and the ominous Fell creatures.

Heart-Pounding Action Combat

The heart-pounding action combat in Enshrouded requires strategic skills such as ducking, parrying, and casting powerful spells. Players can delve into dungeons, forests, and caves to uncover secret knowledge and treasure. The game’s in-depth skill tree system allows players to tailor their unique playstyles. Additionally, the voxel-based building mechanics enable creative architecture, attracting NPCs that unlock advanced workshops and the ability to craft epic weapons and armor.

Face the Shroud with Legendary Gear

Forging legendary equipment such as shields, swords, staves, and bows becomes imperative for players to withstand the unrelenting encroachment of the Shroud in Enshrouded. The game further offers a compelling 16-player co-op gameplay, enabling friends to unite and leverage their distinct skills. Venturing through diverse biomes, from the Kindlewastes to The Revelwood, players unravel the mysteries of fallen cultures and ancient myths, uncovering a spellbinding narrative of magic, ruin, hope, and redemption beneath the remnants of a lost kingdom.

Enshrouded stands as an eagerly awaited multiplayer survival game, promising an immersive journey for players. With its captivating gameplay dynamics, expansive open-world autonomy, and a plethora of diverse features, Enshrouded has garnered the avid interest of gamers. The upcoming early access release on Steam on January 24th beckons players to immerse themselves in and shape their destinies within the enchanting world of Enshrouded. Save the date and prepare for an epic adventure in this captivating RPG.


Q: Is Enshrouded going to be accessible for free?

A: No, Enshrouded will not be available for free. Specific pricing details will be disclosed around the release date.

Q: What is the anticipated price range for Enshrouded?

A: While community speculation suggests possible prices such as $50, $40, and $30, the exact price for Enshrouded will be officially announced at a later date.

Q: Can I engage in cooperative gameplay with my friends in Enshrouded?

A: Enshrouded features 16-player co-op gameplay, providing an opportunity for friends to collaborate and contribute their unique skills.

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