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Enshrouded: Find Legendary Weapons Locations

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Enshrouded Legendary Weapon Locations

Enshrouded Legendary Weapon Locations

News: Enshrouded, a captivating video game crafted by Keen Games, invites players to immerse themselves in riveting adventures and engage in epic battles for survival. Within the expansive realm of Embervale, players can delve into exploration, construct bases, amass resources, and forge remarkable equipment. An especially thrilling facet of Enshrouded lies in the pursuit of legendary weapons, scattered across diverse in-game locations. This article will delve into key legendary weapon spots and offer valuable tips on uncovering these prized artifacts.

Fenrig’s Axe

Discover this distinctive early-game axe hidden within a cave south of Fenrig’s farm, situated on the northwest side of the Springlands. Thoroughly explore the surroundings in this region to unveil the potency of this remarkable weapon.


The Guillotine is a formidable two-handed melee weapon that can be discovered in chests around Revelwood or as a reward from early and mid-game bosses. Keep an eye out for these chests and defeat bosses to increase your chances of obtaining this weapon.

Noble Sword

The Noble Sword, an epic weapon, awaits as loot inside the Pike Capital City in Revelwood. Explore this city thoroughly to find this exceptional sword.

Scrappy Sword

Forge this fundamental sword at the Blacksmith early in the game. While it may lack the formidable might of legendary weapons, it serves as a dependable option during the initial stages of your journey.

Executioner’s Axe

This two-handed weapon is often found in chests during the early game. Keep exploring and opening chests to increase your chances of obtaining this weapon.

Ice Blade

Discover this legendary one-handed sword in the Kindlewastes. With the ability to inflict cutting, piercing, and ice damage, it stands as a formidable weapon, providing a powerful advantage against adversaries.

Feathered Mace

Defeat Fell enemies in the Shroud, and you may have a chance to acquire this low-quality one-handed mace. Keep battling these enemies to increase your chances of obtaining it.


A powerful two-handed mace, the Aerostriker can be found in late-game chests in Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes. Keep exploring and opening chests to find this weapon.

Provisional Scythe

This basic axe can be obtained from Scavenger melee enemies in the Springlands. Keep defeating these enemies to obtain this weapon.

Tainted Axe

Search for the Tainted Axe within silver chests and as loot dropped by Boss Enemies in the Springlands. This early-game one-handed axe frequently appears in epic quality, rendering it a valuable asset.

These examples merely scratch the surface of the myriad legendary weapons accessible in Enshrouded. Each weapon boasts unique abilities and strengths, enabling players to customize their playstyle and bolster their combat prowess. Although the locations of these legendary weapons are not fixed and can vary, players can heighten their chances of acquiring them by exploring points of interest, conquering foes, and unlocking chests scattered throughout the game world.

Enshrouded offers gripping gameplay experiences, allowing players to embark on adventures, confront formidable monsters, and endure in an expansive world. It introduces elements such as hunger and thirst, necessitating players to manage their character’s needs for resilience. Furthermore, players can opt for diverse classes like Trickster, Battlemage, or Survivor, each presenting distinct abilities and skills.

Enshrouded delivers an exhilarating gaming venture where exploration, combat, and survival converge in a vast world. The unearthing of legendary weapons introduces an additional layer of excitement and strategic gameplay. Through exploration, adversary defeat, and chest exploration, players can heighten their chances of attaining these potent weapons. Venture forth, unveil concealed treasures, and wield these legendary weapons to ensure your triumph and survival in the world of Enshrouded.


Q: Can legendary weapons be discovered in the early stages of the game?

A: Yes, it is possible to find certain legendary weapons, such as Fenrig’s Axe and Scrappy Sword, in the early stages of the game.

Q: Are the locations of legendary weapons consistent or do they change?

A: The locations of legendary weapons are not fixed; they can vary. Players need to explore different areas and open chests to enhance their chances of discovering these weapons.

Q: Can players acquire legendary weapons as loot from defeating bosses?

A: Yes, defeating bosses in the game can reward players with legendary weapons. Engaging in battles with bosses increases the likelihood of obtaining these powerful items.

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