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Emperor Beetle Boss Guide: Weakness and Resistances

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Understanding the Emperor Beetle in Persona 3 Reload

Understanding the Emperor Beetle in Persona 3 Reload

News: In the game “Persona 3 Reload,” you’ll come across the tough Emperor Beetle in two places: Tziah and Adamah. It’s important to know what it’s good at and where it’s not so strong to plan your battles smartly and win.

Tziah Battle Strategy

When you’re up against the Emperor Beetle as the boss in Tziah’s Monad Door, make sure to use Fire attacks since it’s weak against them. This weakness opens up chances for strong All-Out Attacks, especially if you have Junpei with you, as his Fire abilities can cause significant damage. Keep in mind that the Emperor Beetle is resistant to Slash and Strike attacks, so sticking to Fire-based strategies is key.

In the battle, the Emperor Beetle will use moves like Tarukaja, Revolution, and Deathbound, which can be threatening to your party. Plan your attacks wisely, time them right, and be ready to withstand the boss’s powerful assaults.

Adamah Battle Strategy

In Adamah, the Emperor Beetle shows up as a regular enemy without any clear weaknesses. It cancels out both Pierce and Ice damage, making usual tactics less effective. Despite this, dealing with this version of the Emperor Beetle can add complexity to battles, especially when facing other foes at the same time. Players need to adjust their approach, using different strategies to overcome its resistances and find weaknesses in the enemy group.

About Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload, created and published by Atlus, is a role-playing video game available on various platforms. It’s a remake of the 2006 title Persona 3, belonging to the Persona series and the Megami Tensei franchise. The game follows a high school student who discovers the power to summon a Persona, a manifestation of their inner spirit. Joining the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (S.E.E.S.), they aim to battle Shadows and uncover the mysteries of the Dark Hour.

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Combining traditional role-playing with social simulation, Persona 3 Reload incorporates features from Persona 5 for an enhanced gaming experience. The user interface mirrors Persona 5’s stylish design, with objective descriptions for date, time, and moon phase aiding navigation.

Gameplay improvements include expanded dorm activities like conversations, cooking, gardening, watching films, and reading books. These impact Social Stats, influencing interactions with Social Links. Joint activities with party members enhance camaraderie and provide combat benefits.

Exploration in Gekkoukan High School and Tartarus now uses a third-person perspective, improving camera control. The removal of fatigue in Tartarus simplifies exploration without affecting battle performance. The battle system, inspired by Persona 5, features a revamped user interface and personalized character outros during the “All-Out Attack.”

Persona 3 Reload introduces side-story arcs for supporting characters, adding depth to relationships. Tartarus retains its original structure with expanded incentives and improved visual effects. Overall, the game promises an engaging experience for both series veterans and newcomers, combining strengths and weaknesses to ensure victory against formidable foes like the Emperor Beetle.


Q: What vulnerabilities does the Emperor Beetle in Tziah have?

A: The Emperor Beetle in Tziah is susceptible to Fire attacks. It’s crucial to exploit this weakness for a successful battle.

Q: Are there any weaknesses in the Emperor Beetle found in Adamah?

A: No, the Emperor Beetle in Adamah doesn’t show any noticeable weaknesses. Traditional strategies won’t work effectively against it.

Q: What new elements can be found in Persona 3 Reload?

A: Persona 3 Reload brings in enhanced dorm activities, improved exploration mechanics, and a redesigned battle system incorporating elements from Persona 5.

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