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Edwina Hannaford’s Obituary & Cause Of Death, Who Was Edwina Hannaford? What Happened to Edwina Hannaford?

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Edwina Hannaford’s Obituary & Cause Of Death, Who Was Edwina Hannaford? What Happened to Edwina Hannaford?

Edwina Hannaford: A Dedicated Cornwall Councillor Remembered

News: Edwina Hannaford, a committed Cornwall councillor, has passed away following a brave fight against a severe form of cancer. Cornwall grieves the departure of Hannaford, hailed as the “heart and soul of Looe.” Throughout her tenure, she dutifully served the community, occupying two cabinet positions and displaying a staunch dedication to environmental endeavors. Her influence on Cornwall Council was profound, notably in championing pivotal environmental projects.

A Community in Mourning

The community feels the absence left by Hannaford’s passing, honoring her lasting contributions. Colleagues and political associates are offering sincere tributes, underscoring her steadfast commitment to public service. She was esteemed as a revered mentor and a beacon of inspiration, offering guidance and support to newcomers at Cornwall Council.

An Exemplary Councillor

Hannaford’s unwavering dedication to her convictions, along with her resilience, distinguished her as an outstanding councillor. Her determination in advocating for her constituents and confronting her illness epitomizes a legacy of fervent and empathetic public service. She was acknowledged as a trailblazer for women in politics, extending her influence beyond the confines of the political arena.

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A Legacy of Environmental Advocacy

The Cornwall Council’s Labour Group mourns her loss profoundly, recognizing her crucial contributions in promoting environmental causes and emphasizing her dedication to putting residents’ well-being first. Former MP Andrew George highlights Hannaford’s inspirational character, praising her steadfast commitment, integrity, and vigor in advocating for a politics centered on kindness, decency, and empathy. Her legacy will serve as a source of inspiration for those who shared her vision of fostering positive and compassionate governance.

A Dedicated Representation

Edwina Hannaford played a significant role in Cornish politics, holding the position of Cornwall Councillor for the Looe West, Lansallos, Pelynt, and Lanteglos division. Her devoted service encompassed a wide geographical area, spanning from West Looe to Polperro, Polruan, and Pelynt. Additionally, she served as the Mayor of Looe Town Council in May 2022, showcasing her dedication to local governance.

Leading in Environmental Causes

Hannaford was deeply committed to environmental concerns, holding key positions within Cornwall Council, including former Portfolio holder for Environment and Planning, as well as Climate Change and Neighbourhoods. Her leadership also extended to her role as the Cornwall Liberal Democrat Group Leader until her unfortunate passing. Her diverse contributions to Cornwall’s political scene and her unwavering dedication to environmental issues have made a lasting impression on the community she served.

A Private Life

Concerning her personal life, Edwina Hannaford was married to her husband Simon, although specific details regarding their marital life and any potential children remained undisclosed to the public. Despite her public visibility and commitment to community service, Hannaford maintained a level of privacy regarding her personal matters.

An Illustrious Career

Edwina Hannaford’s remarkable career was characterized by her unwavering commitment to serving the Cornwall community. She began her journey on the Looe Town Council in 2003, eventually ascending to the position of Mayor of Looe. Transitioning to the role of Liberal Democrat councillor for Looe West, Pelynt, Lansallos, & Lanteglos, she continued her dedicated service. Her impact extended to Cornwall Council, where she represented the expansive Looe West, Lansallos, Pelynt, and Lanteglos division as a Cornwall Councillor. In pivotal roles such as the former Portfolio holder for Environment and Planning, and Climate Change and Neighbourhoods, she left an indelible mark. Her leadership further manifested as the Cornwall Liberal Democrat Group Leader, highlighting her significant influence within the party.

Championing the Environment

Throughout her tenure, Hannaford occupied the pivotal position of Cabinet Member for Environment, Heritage, and Planning, reaffirming her dedication to environmental advocacy. Her leadership persisted as she took on the role of the Liberal Democrat group leader. In acknowledgment of her numerous years of exceptional service, Looe Town Council unanimously bestowed upon her the Honorary Freedom of the Town, emphasizing the significant impact she made on the local community.

A Lasting Legacy

Edwina Hannaford’s departure has created a void in Cornwall’s political realm, leaving behind a legacy of steadfast dedication to public service, environmental advocacy, and the empowerment of women in politics. Her memory will endure as a beacon of inspiration for those who strive for positive and compassionate governance, continuing to shape the path forward with her enduring influence.


Q: What were Edwina Hannaford’s notable contributions?

A: Edwina Hannaford was recognized for her devoted public service and her passionate support for environmental initiatives.

Q: What positions did Edwina Hannaford occupy within Cornwall Council?

A: Within Cornwall Council, Edwina Hannaford held significant positions such as Portfolio holder for Environment and Planning, as well as Climate Change and Neighbourhoods.

Q: How is Edwina Hannaford remembered?

A: Edwina Hannaford is remembered for her enduring commitment to public service, her championing of environmental causes, and her advocacy for women’s participation in politics.

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