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Dead Island 2 Update 1.08: Patch Notes, Changes & Fixes

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Dead Island 2 Update 1.08: Patch Notes, Changes & Fixes

Dead Island 2: Enhancing Gameplay with Update 1.08

News: The most recent Dead Island 2 update, Patch 1.08, brings substantial gameplay improvements. Beyond fixing specific glitches, it boosts the game’s overall stability, delivering a more immersive experience to players on various platforms.

Fixing Glitches and Enhancing Combat

One of the notable additions in this update is the support for Epic Game Launcher Cloud Saves. This feature allows players to save their game progress online through the Epic Game Launcher, ensuring that their progress is not lost even if they switch devices or experience any technical difficulties.

Additionally, the developers have resolved a problem where enemies would sporadically teleport across cover objects, like cars, causing disruptions to the game’s flow and diminishing the enjoyment of combat encounters. This fix ensures that players can now engage in combat without the concern of adversaries unexpectedly teleporting.

Seamless Transition to PlayStation 5

Another fix in Patch 1.08 addresses a potential blocker that players may encounter when transitioning from playing on the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 5. This issue could prevent players from progressing in the game after transferring their save data to the next-gen console. With this fix implemented, players can seamlessly continue their adventure on the PlayStation 5 without any hindrances.

Improved Side Quest Accessibility

The update also addresses several issues related to side quest content accessibility. Some players were experiencing problems with unlocking and accessing side quests based on their cooperative content and main game progress. These issues have been rectified, ensuring that players can now seamlessly engage in side quests regardless of their cooperative gameplay or main story progress.

Additional Fixes and Enhancements

Moreover, Patch 1.08 tackles several minor issues and glitches in Dead Island 2. For instance, the achievement called “Gore Horse” was not unlocking correctly for some players, but this has now been rectified, allowing players to rightfully obtain their achievement. Additionally, the “Kill-O-Watt Kick” skill was not triggering visual effects in specific cooperative scenarios. With the fix in place, players can now fully enjoy the visual experience of this skill.

Furthermore, there were issues with counters dealing significantly less damage for players using bare fists after a death and respawn. This problem has been addressed, ensuring that players can now inflict the appropriate amount of damage in close combat situations.

The update also includes various fixes related to UI, HUD, and damage numbers to enhance the visual experience and provide a smoother gameplay interface for players. Additionally, minor audio issues have been resolved, contributing to a more immersive atmosphere for players in the game.

Cooperative Gameplay Fixes

In terms of cooperative gameplay, Patch 1.08 addresses various minor issues. Achievements will now be correctly awarded to players engaging in cooperative play, ensuring that everyone receives their well-deserved recognition. Various locations where carry-able heads could get stuck in the environment have also been fixed, preventing players from encountering frustrating obstacles.

Some specific mission-related issues have been resolved as well. For instance, there was an issue where players could create a blocker in the “Found: Zahra” mission by killing a set of zombies before the correct objective was active. This issue has been fixed, allowing players to progress smoothly through the mission.

Additionally, there were issues with Haus progress on multiple slayers, causing a blocker due to the inability to collect the crossbow at the bottom of the well. This problem has been addressed, ensuring that players can proceed without any impediments.

Various environment collision issues in Haus have also been addressed. These issues often allowed players to either get out of the world or become stuck. With the fixes implemented, players can now explore the environment without worrying about getting trapped or encountering any anomalies.

About Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is a highly anticipated game that was released in 2023 by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver. It is an action role-playing game and serves as a sequel to the 2011 game Dead Island. The game is set in Los Angeles, where a zombie outbreak has occurred, leading to the city being placed under quarantine.

Players assume the role of a “slayer” in the midst of this zombie apocalypse. They can choose from six different characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities. The game offers a combination of ranged and melee combat, allowing players to customize their weapons with mods for special effects. The game world is divided into ten zones, providing players with ample opportunities for exploration.

Despite encountering challenges during its extended development, Dead Island 2 has garnered positive reviews from players. As of May 2023, the game had already surpassed 2 million copies sold, solidifying its popularity.

The recent release of Patch 1.08 for Dead Island 2 effectively tackles diverse gameplay issues and bolsters the game’s overall stability. Players can anticipate a more seamless and immersive experience across various platforms. With targeted fixes for glitches, achievements, and cooperative gameplay, Dead Island 2 remains a captivating and thrilling adventure in the realm of the zombie apocalypse.


Q: When was Dead Island 2 released?

A: Dead Island 2 was released in 2023.

Q: Is it possible to save game progress online?

A: Yes, with the implementation of Patch 1.08, Dead Island 2 now supports Epic Game Launcher Cloud Saves, enabling players to save their progress online.

Q: On which platforms can Dead Island 2 be played?

A: Dead Island 2 is available on various platforms, including PlayStation and Xbox.

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