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Cyclone Midhili To Hit Bangladesh Coast Today, Heavy Rainfall In Bengal, North East States, IMD Issues Warning. 5 Points

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Cyclone Midhili Set to Hit Bangladesh Coast Today, November 17th

Cyclone Midhili Set to Hit Bangladesh Coast Today, November 17th

News: A cyclone, known as Midhili, is anticipated to approach the Bangladesh coastline near Khepupara. This information, disseminated by the Indian Meteorological Department, has swiftly circulated online, capturing widespread attention. The substantial rainfall associated with the cyclone has raised apprehensions, particularly in Bengal and the northeastern states. Let’s delve into the specifics of this report.

Key Updates about Cyclone Midhili

On Friday morning, a depression over the Bay of Bengal intensified into a severe storm known as Midhili, as reported by the Meteorological Department.

According to the IMD bulletin, the storm escalated into a cyclonic storm and was situated approximately 190 km east of Paradip, 220 km southeast of Khepupara, and 200 km south-southeast of Digha.

The appellation “Midhili” was bestowed upon the cyclone by the Maldives. Cyclones in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal are designated names by the World Meteorological Organization in collaboration with member countries of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission.

On Friday, heavy rainfall is expected in Odisha, along the coastal regions of West Bengal, and in the northeastern states.

Extra precautions have been implemented in Digha, a renowned coastal resort town in West Bengal celebrated for its tourist attractions, alongside Purba.

As per reports, the cyclonic storm is not anticipated to inflict significant damage on India’s coastal states. Nevertheless, earlier forecasts have indicated the likelihood of substantial rainfall in the coastal districts of Odisha, West Bengal, and the northeastern states. The cyclonic storm originated in the Bay of Bengal on Friday, prompting a cautionary advisory for fishermen to refrain from venturing out to sea. In the subsequent section, we will furnish additional information regarding this development.

These updates offer crucial insights into Cyclone Midhili. If you were seeking information about this cyclone, you’ve landed in the right place. Authorities are exerting considerable efforts to minimize the cyclone’s impact, making use of all accessible resources. We hold optimism that the situation will ameliorate in the near future. Stay tuned for further updates on this matter.

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FAQs about Cyclone Midhili

Q: What is the anticipated landfall time for Cyclone Midhili?

A: Cyclone Midhili is expected to make landfall today, November 17th.

Q: Which regions can expect significant rainfall as a result of Cyclone Midhili?

A: Odisha, coastal regions of West Bengal, and the northeastern states are anticipated to experience heavy rainfall.

Q: What measures are being implemented to minimize the impact of Cyclone Midhili?

A: Authorities have placed additional vigilance in coastal areas and are utilizing all available resources to mitigate the effects of Cyclone Midhili.

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