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Crosshair Settings in The Finals: Step-by-Step Guide

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Customize Your Crosshair in “The Finals” for Optimal Aiming Experience

Customize Your Crosshair in The Finals

News: For enthusiasts invested in “The Finals,” precision and visibility are paramount in perfecting your aim. The crosshair serves as a pivotal tool, aiding in accurate enemy targeting. Personalizing your crosshair settings not only enriches your gaming experience but also sharpens your aiming abilities. Here, we offer guidance on customizing your crosshair within “The Finals” and share recommended settings to initiate your journey.

Adjusting the Width of your Crosshair Lines

The thickness of your crosshair lines dictates their appearance on your screen—adjusting this setting allows you to find your desired balance. Opt for a thinner look by setting the width to “1.”

Adding an Outline to your Crosshair

Adding an outline to your crosshair can heighten its visibility by framing the lines. Boosting the outline width to “5” will create a more pronounced border, significantly enhancing your crosshair’s visibility.

Choosing the Right Color Combination

Visibility and contrast rely heavily on color choice. Tailoring your crosshair involves adjusting the red, green, and blue values to create your desired hue. For instance, setting Red (0), Green (255), Blue (0) generates a vibrant green crosshair.

Controlling the Outline Color

When opting for an outline around your crosshair, you have the option to tweak the outline color settings as well. Disabling the outline can be achieved by setting Red Outline (0), Green Outline (0), Blue Outline (0), resulting in a solid green crosshair without any outline.

Enabling or Disabling the Center Dot

For precision aiming, many players find a small dot at the center of their crosshair incredibly useful. This dot acts as a reference point, aiding in accuracy. You have the option to enable or disable the center dot based on your personal preference.

Setting the Opacity

Opacity dictates the transparency of your crosshair. A setting of “100” renders it fully opaque and entirely visible. Adjusting this setting allows you to find the ideal balance that can enhance your targeting accuracy.

We suggest starting with a clear, green crosshair without an outline and a center dot. However, it’s crucial to remember that these are just suggestions, and you should experiment with different settings to find what works best for your individual playstyle and visibility preferences in “The Finals.”

Changing Your Crosshair in “The Finals” – Step by Step Guide

1. Open the Practice Arena: Begin by entering the Practice Arena within the game.

2. Pause the Game: While in the Practice Arena, pause the game by pressing the pause or menu button on your controller or keyboard.

3. Access the Settings Menu: Navigate to the main menu from the paused screen.

4. Go to Gameplay Settings: Within the main menu, look for the “Settings” option.

5. Locate the Crosshair Option: Within the Settings menu, find the “Gameplay” tab, which contains various game-related settings.

6. Adjust Your Crosshair: In the Gameplay tab, specifically locate the “Crosshair” option. Here, you can make changes to the appearance and style of your crosshair.

7. Make Desired Changes: Enter the Crosshair section and customize your crosshair according to your preferences. Depending on the available options, you may be able to modify the shape, color, or other aspects.

8. Save Your Changes: Once you have adjusted your crosshair to your liking, save the changes. The game may ask you to confirm or apply the modifications.

By following these simple steps, you can easily customize your crosshair in “The Finals” and optimize it for better visibility and aiming precision.

About “The Finals”

“The Finals” is a free-to-play first-person shooter developed by Nexon’s Embark Studios. It offers team-based matches on maps with destructible environments, providing a dynamic and strategic gameplay experience. The game encourages players to adapt and make use of the changing environment to gain an advantage over their opponents. Collaboration and teamwork are essential elements, adding depth to the intense battles. With its user-friendly interface and straightforward gameplay, “The Finals” caters to players of all skill levels. The free-to-play model ensures that anyone can jump into the action without financial barriers. Overall, “The Finals” delivers an engaging and dynamic FPS experience, focusing on teamwork and environmental tactics, making it enjoyable for a wide range of players.

To wrap up, tailoring your crosshair in “The Finals” stands as a pivotal step in elevating your aiming proficiency. Tweak parameters like width, color, opacity, and more to craft a crosshair that harmonizes with your gameplay style, refining your accuracy. Utilize the step-by-step guide furnished to modify your in-game crosshair settings, and remember, exploring various options is key to discovering your ideal setup. Embrace the game and exhibit your refined precision on the battlefield!


Q: Is it possible to alter my crosshair while playing “The Finals” on consoles?

A: Absolutely, you have the ability to adjust your crosshair settings on both console and PC versions.

Q: Do the crosshair options come with pre-established settings in “The Finals”?

A: “The Finals” presents a variety of preset crosshair options for players to select from, alongside the option to personalize their own.

Q: Can I distribute my personally customized crosshair settings to other players?

A: Presently, “The Finals” lacks a function to share personalized crosshair settings. Nonetheless, you can always offer recommendations or guidance to assist others in achieving specific crosshair configurations.

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