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Corey Edkin Missing Update: Where Is Corey Edkin?

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Corey Edkin Missing Update: Where Is Corey Edkin?

Corey Edkin: A Tragic and Unsolved Mystery


News: Corey Edkin, a two-year-old boy, went missing from his home in Union County on October 12th, 1986. His mother, Debbie, reported his disappearance to the police at 1:10 a.m. The initial investigation did not reveal any signs of suspicious activity. However, after Corey went missing, the family started receiving ransom calls, adding a new layer of complexity to the case.

The Night Corey Went Missing

On the night Corey went missing, his mother had put him to sleep in her upstairs bedroom. Debbie was living with roommates at the time. She checked on the children around 11 p.m. and found them all sleeping soundly. Debbie then left to fill her car with gasoline. When she returned home at approximately 12:40 a.m., she noticed that the front door was open, despite her recollection of closing it before leaving. To her horror, Corey was not in bed, and an exhaustive search of the entire house yielded no trace of him.

Peculiar Phone Calls

Debbie informed the police about several peculiar phone calls she had received in the days leading up to Corey’s disappearance. Some of these calls ended abruptly when she answered. The nature of these calls raised concerns and became an important aspect of the investigation.

No Conclusive Evidence or Leads

Despite extensive investigations and searches, no conclusive evidence or leads emerged regarding Corey’s whereabouts. There were reported sightings of Corey in different parts of the United States, including one in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in May 1989. This sighting gained credibility due to Corey’s picture being circulated on milk cartons and flyers. However, these leads did not result in finding Corey.

Abduction and Suspects

Authorities believe that Corey was abducted and dismiss the possibility of him voluntarily leaving home. It is suspected that the abductor was someone who knew Corey. This theory suggests that the person had familiarity with the family and their routines, making it easier to execute the abduction.

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A Recent Update

A recent update from the police department reveals new information in Corey Edkin’s case. A man named Henry Bush from Mifflinburg has been charged with obstructing justice in relation to Corey’s disappearance. During a 2022 interview, Bush allegedly provided false information to investigators, claiming that Corey’s body was disposed of in a gas station dumpster in Allenwood. He is scheduled to appear before a district judge for a preliminary hearing.

Distinctive Features and Hope for Resolution

Corey had distinctive features, including light blonde hair and blue eyes. At the time of his disappearance, he was just two years old. Presently, Corey would be 36 years old if he were alive. This case remains tragic and unsolved, haunting the community for decades. The search for Corey continues, and the community hopes for a resolution to this heartbreaking and perplexing mystery.


In conclusion, Corey Edkin went missing in 1986 at the age of two. His disappearance was reported by his mother, and ransom calls were made to the family following his disappearance. Despite extensive investigations and reported sightings, Corey’s whereabouts remain unknown. The police suspect that he was abducted by someone who knew him. A recent update revealed that a man named Henry Bush has been charged with obstructing justice in relation to Corey’s case. The search for Corey continues, and the community hopes for a resolution to this tragic and unsolved mystery.

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