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Cafepress Settlement Claim Form 2024 : Payment Date March 10 & Eligibility Check

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Cafepress Settlement Claim Form 2024 : Payment Date March 10 & Eligibility Check

CafePress Faces Legal Action and News of Settlement Claim in 2024

News: In 2022, CafePress, a company specializing in personalized products, found itself embroiled in a legal battle with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC took action against CafePress due to its failure to implement sufficient security measures, which became evident after a significant data breach in February 2019.

The breach exposed sensitive consumer data, including Social Security Numbers, leaving individuals vulnerable to identity theft. The FTC criticized CafePress for its lax security practices, as multiple datasets were compromised due to their negligence.

If you were impacted by this data breach, you may be eligible to participate in the CafePress Settlement Claim. This article aims to provide essential information regarding eligibility for the CafePress Settlement Claim in 2024 and instructions on how to file a claim.

CafePress Settlement Claim Eligibility

As part of the settlement agreement, CafePress has committed to implementing an information security program and providing $500,000 in compensation to affected individuals. The investigation uncovered that customer personal records were compromised in a data breach, and several CafePress employees fell victim to phishing attacks. Despite being aware of these incidents, CafePress failed to take adequate measures to prevent them.

To qualify for the CafePress Settlement Claim in 2024, you must have been affected by the data breach on the CafePress e-commerce platform, resulting in unauthorized access to and exposure of your Social Security number. If you meet these criteria, you have the right to submit a claim to receive compensation.

Filing a CafePress Settlement Claim in 2024

To submit your CafePress settlement claim form, it’s imperative to do so before the March 10, 2024 deadline. The claim form will be accessible on the designated website, and completing it within the stipulated timeframe is crucial to ensure eligibility for payment. The compensation amount you receive will be contingent on various factors, including the number of claims filed.

For the latest news, here are the steps to follow when filling out the CafePress Settlement Claim Form:

1. Visit the website using your preferred device.
2. Enter your ID and complete the verification process.
3. Input the captcha code displayed on the screen.
4. Click “next” to submit the CafePress Settlement Form for 2024.
5. Await processing of the payment.

The compromised or disclosed data during the CafePress data breach includes Social Security numbers, login IDs and passwords, debit or credit card information, bank account details, and driving license records.

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Claiming Compensation for the CafePress Data Breach

The FTC has pinpointed numerous security lapses on CafePress’s part, including storing customer personal data in plain text, inadequate password protection measures, oversight of third-party processes, failure to implement patch policies, indefinite retention of personal data, and non-response to security alerts.

If you’ve been impacted by the CafePress data breach, you may be eligible to file a claim and receive compensation. It’s crucial to submit the claim form before the deadline to secure the payment you’re entitled to.

In summary, CafePress has faced legal repercussions and settled with the FTC following a significant data breach. Consequently, affected individuals have the opportunity to seek compensation by filing a claim. By completing the necessary paperwork and meeting deadlines, you can ensure you receive rightful compensation for the breach of your personal information.


1. Is it possible to submit a claim if I wasn’t directly impacted by the data breach?

No, eligibility for the settlement claim requires being a victim of the data breach on the CafePress e-commerce platform.

2. What can I anticipate in terms of compensation?

The compensation amount hinges on several factors, notably the number of claimants filing for compensation.

3. What types of information were compromised in the data breach?

The compromised or disclosed data encompasses Social Security numbers, login credentials (IDs and passwords), debit or credit card details, bank account information, and driving license records.

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