BVP Engineering CET Admit Card

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BVP Engineering CET Admit Card  2014

BVP (Bharati Vidyapeeth) University constitutes CET (Common Entrance Test) each year for those who want to get admission in the several UG & PG programmes. The admission seekers have already registered themselves for the course, now all those aspirants are eagerly waiting to get their admit card which can be obtained as given below…

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Way to attain BVP Engineering CET Admit Card:

1. Go to the University’s website (bharatividyapeeth.edu) first.

2. Thereafter select the link of “BVP Engineering CET Admit Card”.

3. Enter all information that is there on your registration form as asked on the page.

4. Admit card will be soon appearing on the screen.

5. Save the page and take a hard copy for reference.

BVP Engineering CET Syllabus:

Trigonometry – Standard angles, Angle and its measurements, Angles in quadrant & quadrant angles, Length of arc of a circle, Relation between degree measure and radian measure, Area of sector

Trigonometric ratios – Trigonometric ratios of any angle, Fundamental identities , Signs of Trigonometric ratios in different quadrants, Trigonometric ratios of compound angles,

Sets, Functions and Relations – Review of set theory, Cartesian product, Power set, Relations, Types of functions, Functions,

Determinant – Determinant of order 3, (Expansion and Properties), Condition of consistency, Cramer’s rule, Area of a triangle etc

Applications of Derivatives – Increasing and decreasing functions, a curve, Tangent and normal at a point to, Rate measurer,

Mathematical Induction and Binomial Theorem – Principle of Mathematical Induction and its applications etc

Application of integral – Volume of solid by revaluation, Area under the curve etc.

Boolean Algebra – Principle of duality, Boolean function and switching circuits, etc.

Plane Co ordinate Geometry – Line, Locus, Conics, Circle

Three Dimensional Geometry Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios – Angle between two lines, Condition of perpendicular and parallel lines, Relation between direction cosines and direction ratios, etc

Plane: Angle between line and plane, Distance of a point from a plane, coplanarity of two lines, Equation of plane passing through the intersection of two planes etc

Statistics Measures of dispersion – Range, Variance and standard deviation, Mean Deviation, Quartile deviation, etc.

Probability – Events and Algebra of events, Addition theorem, Multiplication theorem, Definition of probability, etc.

Linear Programming – Introduction of concepts, Solution of linear inequalities in one & two variable etc.

Web URL: bharatividyapeeth.edu


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