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Buhe Bariyan Movie: Day 1 Box Office Collection Worldwide Report

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Comprehensive Analysis and Income Report of Buhe Bariyan’s Worldwide Box Office Collection

Buhe Bariyan Movie: Day 1 Box Office Collection Worldwide Report


News: In this article, we embark on a thorough exploration of the highly anticipated Punjabi motion picture, “Buhe Bariyan.” This captivating narrative has sparked widespread curiosity among audiences, and our goal is to provide fans with a comprehensive understanding of the film and its opening day box office earnings. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the movie and analyze its performance on its debut day.

Worldwide Collection of Buhe Bariyan at the Box Office:

Movie enthusiasts are always eager to gauge the performance of newly released films, and “Buhe Bariyan” is certainly no exception. The movie’s financial reception has been a hot topic of discussion. According to box office predictions, it was anticipated that the film would generate around 0.70 Cr (70 lakhs) in revenue on its opening day in Indian theaters. This figure has generated significant buzz and will undoubtedly be of great interest to fans and industry observers alike.

Movie Synopsis:

“Buhe Bariyan” is a rib-tickling Punjabi comedy-drama that made its debut on the silver screen on September 15, 2023. The film, helmed by Uday Pratap Singh, was brought to life through the efforts of producers Santosh Thite and Sunny Raj. Since its initial announcement, this movie has generated an electrifying buzz, and now, fans are flocking to theaters in droves to show their support for their beloved stars.

The Stars and Story:

“Buhe Bariyan” boasts a star-studded cast that features renowned actors like Nirmal Rishi, Neeru Bajwa, and Rubina Bajwa. The inclusion of these talented performers has only heightened the excitement surrounding the film. With its engaging storyline and remarkable performances, the movie promises to be a captivating watch for fans of Punjabi cinema. The combination of these celebrated actors and an intriguing plot is sure to make “Buhe Bariyan” a must-see for audiences.

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Review of the Film:

With its gifted ensemble and fresh plot, Buhe Bariyan has generated significant excitement. The film’s comedy-drama genre has heightened the anticipation for its release, especially among the local audience who are enthusiastic about its predominantly Punjabi dialogue. With the film’s star power and the early positive buzz, it’s poised to become a phenomenal success, causing quite a stir.

Audience’s Reception and Critiques:

After its release, Buhe Bariyan quickly started attracting favorable attention from viewers. Social media platforms have been buzzing with movie-goers expressing their love for the film and its talented actors. The unique plot, combined with the outstanding performances, has earned accolades from the audience, solidifying its status as a must-watch for Punjabi cinema enthusiasts.


Buhe Bariyan set sail on its theatrical journey with high hopes and managed to rake in a significant sum on its opening day. The film’s gripping storyline, exceptional cast, and captivating performances have left audiences spellbound. As time goes on, it is expected that Buhe Bariyan will continue to attract an even larger audience, promising even greater success at the box office. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the film’s box office performance and audience reviews.

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