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Blue Archive Tier List December 2023: Best Characters Ranked

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Blue Archive Tier List December 2023: Best Characters Ranked

The Blue Archive Tier List - December 2023

News: Fuuka celebrates the New Year alongside Shiroko in her Swimsuit attire, while Himari, Miyu in her Swimsuit outfit, Iroha, Ako, and Serina have all been classified in the game’s SS-tier for Specials. Each of these characters showcases exceptional prowess in their designated roles, excelling in support, offense, or healing. Widely regarded as the most dominant and influential figures in the game, they wield unparalleled power.

SS-tier Strikers

Hoshino flaunts her Swimsuit attire alongside Cherino, Iori, the New Year Haruna, Mika, Tsubaki, and the New Year edition of Kayoko, all residing in the game’s SS-tier as Strikers. These characters boast outstanding abilities, serving as pivotal contributors to a team’s triumphs with their remarkable skills.

S-tier Specials

Haruka joins the New Year festivities, accompanied by Nodoka in her Hot Spring attire, Kotama, Hibiki, Karin, Nagisa, and the Maid version of Yuzu, all honored with a ranking in the S-tier for Specials. These characters bring forth invaluable support, adept healing, and formidable attacking skills to bolster any team.

S-tier Strikers

Yuuka sports her Sportswear, Kokona, Kazusa, Izuna in her Swimsuit attire, Atsuko, Ui, the New Year version of Mutsuki, Azusa in her Swimsuit, along with Koharu, Azusa, Aru, Maki, Hifumi, Hina, Shun, Haruka, Nonomi, Haruna, Hoshino, and the other Mutsuki, all claim their places as Strikers in the esteemed S-tier category.

A-tier Specials

Akane in her Bunny Girl outfit, Saya dressed casually, Moe, Mashiro donning a Swimsuit, Utaha, Shizuko in her Swimsuit attire, and the New Year version of Serika, all earn their positions within the A-tier for Specials. These characters provide a commendable equilibrium of tactical finesse and potent attacking capabilities.

A-tier Strikers

Tsurugi, Junko, Shiroko, Eimi, Akari, Akane, Izuna, Midori, Momoi, Miyako in her Swimsuit, Saki donning a Swimsuit, Rumi, Reisa, Arisu as a Maid, Toki in her Bunny Girl attire, Koyuki, Sakurano, Megu, Mine, Junko with the New Year theme, Mari in Sportswear, Hasumi in Sportswear, Nonomi in Swimsuit, Marina, Wakamo, Aru with the New Year vibe, Natsu, Iori in Swimsuit, Serina celebrating Christmas, Hina in Swimsuit, Arisu (again), Toki (again), Mina, Neru in Bunny Girl attire, and Shigure collectively claim their roles as Strikers in the respectable A-tier category.

B-tier Specials

Minori, Kanna, Hanae, Saki, Chihiro, Cherino in her Hot Spring attire, Hatsune Miku, Mari, Hifumi in Swimsuit, Hanako, Shizuko, Mashiro, Airi, Chinatsu, Hanae (again), Hare, Fuuka, and Yoshimi secure their positions within the B-tier for Specials. These characters bring forth commendable attacking prowess and supportive abilities to aid their teams.

B-tier Strikers

Hibiki in her Cheerleader outfit, Noa, Utaha also in her Cheerleader attire, Saori, Wakamo in Swimsuit, Izumi dressed in Swimsuit, Tsurugi sporting a Swimsuit, Yuzu, Kayoko, Asuna, Kotori, Suzumi, Sumire, Serika, Chise, Neru, Hasumi, and Pina collectively fall under the Strikers category within the B-tier.

C-tier Specials

Kaede, Sena, Nodoka, Ayane, Saya, Juri, and Shimiko have earned their spots within the C-tier for Specials. While they might not boast the same level of power as those in the upper tiers, these characters hold the capability to contribute meaningfully to a team’s success.

C-tier Strikers

In the world of “Blue Archive,” Shun as a Kid, Kaho, Chise in her Swimsuit attire, Miyu, Tomoe, Kirino, Izumi, and Mimori are recognized as Strikers within the C-tier category. Developed by Nexon Games, “Blue Archive” unfolds in the academic city of Kivotos, where players assume the role of a Sensei summoned by the General Student Council president. Renowned for its immersive world and gripping storyline, the game’s popularity has sparked the announcement of an anime adaptation titled “Blue Archive: The Animation.”

Within the game, players engage in a tactical role-playing adventure by assembling teams comprising two Specials and four Strikers. These units hold pivotal roles in diverse military campaigns throughout the game. Players wield the ability to empower their Students by leveling them up, enhancing their arsenal and protective gear, and refining their skill sets. This strategic approach is essential for navigating and succeeding in the game’s challenges and battles.

“Blue Archive” embarked on an eventful developmental journey prior to its launch. Yostar unveiled the game and conducted closed beta tests specifically for the Android version. Originally slated for a 2020 release, the game’s debut was rescheduled to February 4, 2021, marking its eventual arrival.

Following that, an eagerly awaited worldwide version was introduced, amassing over a million pre-registrations ahead of its launch. This edition included support for numerous languages such as English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Thai. Nexon unveiled this version on November 8, 2021, broadening its reach to a global audience and enhancing accessibility across different regions.

Expanding its horizons, an announcement in March 2023 unveiled plans for a Simplified Chinese version tailored for release in China. With the go-ahead from Chinese authorities, the game’s website went live on March 31, enabling eager players to pre-register. Following a closed beta test held from June to July, the game received an official launch in China on August 3, published under Yostar’s banner. Continuing its journey, Nexon made a significant announcement in October 2023, revealing the Global version’s availability on the Galaxy Store for Samsung phones. This version hit the virtual shelves on October 31, marking yet another milestone in the game’s evolution.

In summary, the December 2023 Blue Archive Tier List serves as a valuable resource, offering players crucial insights into the capabilities and prowess of the game’s playable characters. The diverse array of Students grants players the opportunity to craft strategic and formidable teams, essential for overcoming the game’s challenges. “Blue Archive” delivers an immersive role-playing experience, inviting players to delve into an academic city, restore peace, and gather an array of unique characters. With its ongoing development and global accessibility, “Blue Archive” maintains its enchanting hold on players across the globe, promising continued engagement and enjoyment.


Q: What is the Blue Archive Tier List’s structure?

A: The Blue Archive Tier List organizes playable characters into five tiers: SS, S, A, B, and C.

Q: What purpose does the Blue Archive Tier List serve for players?

A: The tier list offers valuable information on the strengths and weaknesses of each character, aiding players in making informed choices while building their teams.

Q: Is it possible for players to enhance their characters in Blue Archive?

A: Certainly, players have the option to level up their Students, upgrade weapons and armor, and enhance skills to fortify their characters in the game.

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