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Best FF7 Rebirth Settings: Change These Settings Before You Play

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Where to Find Tifa Theme Piano Sheet in FF7 Rebirth

Where to Find Tifa Theme Piano Sheet in FF7 Rebirth

News: If you’re immersed in FF7 Rebirth and seeking the Tifa’s Theme piano sheet, look no further. This article is your compass to acquiring this sought-after sheet music within the game.

Follow the Storyline:

Your primary focus should be advancing through the game’s storyline. Continue your journey until you arrive at the “Fun While It Lasts” quest in chapter 6. This marks the starting point for your quest to obtain the piano sheet.

Reach Costa Del Sol:

As you continue playing, you’ll eventually arrive at Costa Del Sol in the Corel region. This is an important location in your quest to find the Tifa’s Theme piano sheet.

Control Tifa and Aerith:

During the main story, you’ll have the opportunity to control different characters. Specifically, you’ll be able to control Tifa and Aerith. This is important because the piano mini-game is tied to these characters.

Find the Piano in Royal Coast Hotel:

Now that you have control of Tifa and Aerith, head to the Royal Coast Hotel in Costa Del Sol. This is where you’ll find the piano you need to play the mini-game.

Play the Piano Mini-Game:

Once you’ve found the piano, it’s time to have some fun! Engage in the piano mini-game and showcase your skills. Successfully completing the mini-game will reward you with the Tifa’s Theme piano sheet.

Avoid Redoing the Nibelheim Chapter:

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Nibelheim chapter won’t assist you in obtaining the piano sheet. Simply continue progressing through the game and adhere to the steps outlined earlier. The sheet will naturally become accessible as you play.

Enjoy the Rewards:

It’s crucial to remember that the piano in FF7 Rebirth offers more than just a visual experience; it’s a mini-game with rewards tied to your piano skills. While you’re on the quest for the Tifa’s Theme piano sheet, take some time to enjoy the mini-game and potentially unlock additional in-game items.

Finding the Tifa’s Theme piano sheet in FF7 Rebirth involves playing until chapter 6, reaching Costa Del Sol, locating the piano in the Royal Coast Hotel, and engaging in the mini-game. There’s no need to fret over replaying the Nibelheim chapter; the sheet will naturally become available as you progress through the game. So, prepare yourself for this enjoyable musical journey and add Tifa’s Theme to your repertoire in FF7 Rebirth.


Q: Is it possible to find the Tifa’s Theme piano sheet anywhere other than the Royal Coast Hotel?

A: No, the piano sheet is exclusively located within the Royal Coast Hotel in Costa Del Sol. Ensure you visit this specific location to acquire the sheet.

Q: What occurs if I fail the piano mini-game?

A: Failing the piano mini-game results in not obtaining the Tifa’s Theme piano sheet. It’s crucial to practice and enhance your piano skills to successfully complete the mini-game.

Q: Are there any supplementary rewards for participating in the piano mini-game?

A: Apart from the Tifa’s Theme piano sheet, your performance in the mini-game may unlock additional in-game items as rewards.

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