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Battlefield 2042 1.49 Patch Notes: Update Today

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Battlefield 2042’s Latest Update: Enhancing the Futuristic Multiplayer Experience

Battlefield 2042's Latest Update

News: The most recent update for Battlefield 2042 introduces thrilling new elements and enhancements aimed at enriching the futuristic multiplayer first-person shooter gameplay. Among the notable additions are the Arkangel Directive mode, enhancements to Persistent Servers, improved options for aircraft gunner HUD, and a range of adjustments to AI and vehicles.

The Arkangel Directive Mode: Utilize the Ascension Satellite Network

A notable inclusion in this update is the Arkangel Directive mode, where players can engage with the Ascension satellite network and partake in the Control mode. In this gameplay, participants must secure and maintain rotating objectives to upload tactical telemetry. The primary goal is to accumulate the highest amount of telemetry, thereby gaining control over the region and earning Ascension Points to acquire vehicles. The Control mode unfolds as a 24v24 match, spanning maps such as Reclaimed, Orbital, Valparaiso, and Arica Harbor. Furthermore, Update 6.4 expands the battlefield with the addition of two new maps, Breakaway and Discarded.

Persistent Servers Enhancements for Battlefield Portal

Season 6 has come to a close, and players are eagerly anticipating Season 7. As the game progresses towards the new season, Persistent Servers functionality for Battlefield Portal has been improved. Now, if Battlefield 2042 does not have an active season, all Custom Experiences created within Battlefield Portal will benefit from server persistence for two days. Previously, this feature was not available. However, during an active season, Battle Pass owners will continue to enjoy 7 days of Server Persistence, allowing their servers to remain active for a longer duration.

Improved Aircraft Gunner HUD Options

Building upon the directional HUD features introduced in a prior game update, Update 6.4 addresses player feedback by enhancing the clarity of the Gunner’s direction. Responding to user input, players can now choose between Default, Legacy, Both, or Disable options for this HUD feature within the Options screen. This feature, named “Helicopter Gunner View,” empowers players with greater control over their gaming experience.

Customize Your Impact Point Crosshair

Furthermore, players will now have the option to select different Crosshair Indicators for their Impact Point Crosshair. The choices include a Cross, Plus, Circle, or the ability to disable the crosshair within the Crosshair Options screen, catering to individual player preferences.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Alongside these gameplay enhancements, the update tackles a range of bug fixes and improvements. Resolved issues encompass a black screen bug on Breakthrough, the accurate application of selected Custom Player Colors to the Squad and Players Screen, and the correction of inaccurate text in the Medical Pouch’s Hardware Unlock criteria. Furthermore, the update ensures the Scatter Grenade accurately tracks its progression and addresses audio-related bugs associated with specific vehicles.

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An Immersive Multiplayer Experience

Battlefield 2042 consistently delivers an engaging multiplayer experience within a futuristic setting. Featuring the inventive Plus system for weapon customization, a variety of specialist categories, dynamic weather effects, and destructible environments, the game provides players with a captivating and adrenaline-pumping gameplay experience. The latest update serves to enhance the game’s functionality, addressing several issues and guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable experience for players. Prepare yourself, dive into the battlefield, and assert your dominance in the future of warfare with Battlefield 2042!


Q: What is the Arkangel Directive mode?

A: The Arkangel Directive mode, introduced in Battlefield 2042’s latest update, enables players to utilize the Ascension satellite network and engage in the Control mode. In this mode, players must capture and hold rotating objectives to upload tactical telemetry.

Q: What improvements have been made to Persistent Servers functionality?

A: The Persistent Servers functionality for Battlefield Portal has seen enhancements. If Battlefield 2042 is without an active season, all Custom Experiences created within Battlefield Portal will enjoy server persistence for two days. During an active season, Battle Pass owners will benefit from 7 days of Server Persistence.

Q: What bug fixes and improvements are included in the update?

A: The update includes various bug fixes and improvements, addressing issues such as a black screen bug, correcting incorrect text, and resolving audio-related bugs. These adjustments contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience for players.

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