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Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: Shaded Waterweed Bast Guide

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Shaded Waterweed Bast – Crafting Material in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Shaded Waterweed Bast

News: Frontiers of Pandora, Shaded Waterweed Bast stands out as a crucial element for crafting weapons. This highlights the game’s dedication to allowing players to customize and craft their weapons for distinct gaming experiences. This article delves into acquiring Shaded Waterweed Bast and its multiple roles and capabilities in the game.

Acquiring Shaded Waterweed Bast

To obtain Shaded Waterweed Bast, players need to consult the Hunter’s Guide to pinpoint and tag the material. Once tagged, the Bast emits a distinct yellow glow when observed through Na’vi Senses, distinguishing it from other vegetation.

The Shaded Waterweed Bast is located in the Upper Plains, notably in Step’s Cradle, positioned southwest of The Celebration Valley. Within Step’s Cradle, players should navigate towards Memories Shade, a Na’vi Camp situated approximately 750m southwest of the Ancestor Skill location.

Finding Shaded Waterweed Bast

To locate Shaded Waterweed Bast, players should venture into the vicinity of Memories Shade, keeping close to the hovering mountains. Keep an eye out for Tranquility Bulbs, prominent purple flora that frequently harbor Shaded Waterweeds, particularly in this area. The most superior and finest versions of Shaded Waterweed are often discovered inside these Tranquility Bulbs.

Harvesting Shaded Waterweed Bast

To gather Shaded Waterweed, players need to find the plant and employ the joystick for harvesting. Rotate the joystick to the right during the harvest process, relying on controller vibrations to ensure the right angle. For optimal quality Bast, it’s recommended to collect Shaded Waterweeds in dry weather and refrain from harvesting during rainy conditions.

Here are some additional tips to enhance the harvesting process:

  • Utilize Ikrans for easy access to the Shaded Waterweed.
  • Confirm the rarity of the material by inspecting it before harvesting.

Features and Functionalities of Shaded Waterweed Bast

Within the game, Shaded Waterweed Bast holds significant importance due to its various features and functions. It acts as a vital component in weapon crafting, influencing both the quality and performance of the resulting weapons. This material is available in varying rarities such as common, superior, and exquisite, with each rarity level directly influencing the power and characteristics of weapons crafted using Shaded Waterweed Bast.

Though Shaded Waterweed Bast is frequently located in shallow waters across the Upper Plains, its superior and exquisite variants are rarer. These specialized rarities are typically found in particular regions, such as Step’s Cradle close to Memories Shade.

Players can effortlessly recognize Shaded Waterweed Bast by utilizing the Na’vi Senses feature within the Hunter’s Guide. When observed through this feature, the material emits a distinct yellow glow, making it easier to distinguish from other plants in the surroundings.

To secure the highest-quality Shaded Waterweed Bast, it’s essential to employ proper harvesting methods. Players should adeptly manipulate the harvest joystick and make sure to collect the material under dry weather conditions to preserve its prime quality.

Crafting Tables located in particular camps or stations enable players to forge weapons using Shaded Waterweed Bast, combined with other essential components. The rarity and caliber of the Shaded Waterweed Bast significantly influence the gameplay dynamics. Depending on the acquired rarity, weapons crafted from this material will exhibit different attributes such as damage output, durability, or unique abilities.

In summary, Shaded Waterweed Bast plays a pivotal role in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora as a crucial crafting ingredient for weapon fabrication. Players are prompted to venture into designated regions, identify, and harvest this material to forge potent and efficient weapons for their in-game quests.


Q: In which location is Shaded Waterweed Bast available?

A: You can discover Shaded Waterweed Bast in Step’s Cradle, particularly near Memories Shade and below the levitating mountains.

Q: What is the method to gather Shaded Waterweed Bast?

A: Gathering Shaded Waterweed Bast involves identifying the plant and utilizing the joystick to control the harvesting, ensuring you rotate it clockwise.

Q: Which grades does Shaded Waterweed Bast exist in?

A: Shaded Waterweed Bast is available in common, superior, and exquisite grades, with each grade influencing the strength and characteristics of produced weapons.

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