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Are Nurys and Horacio Still a Couple? Explore the Relationship Timeline of Nurys and Horacio

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Are Nurys and Horacio Still a Couple? Explore the Relationship Timeline of Nurys and Horacio

Are Nurys and Horacio Still Together?

Nurys and Horacio’s Relationship

News: Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez Jr., prominent figures on MTV’s The Challenge, continue to thrive in their romantic connection. The inception of their love story dates back to Season 38 of the show. Despite facing the obstacles posed by Horacio’s international filming commitments, they have steadfastly maintained their dedication to each other. Notably, the couple made a return for Season 39, titled “Battle for a New Champion,” allowing fans to witness the authentic progression of their relationship.

How it All Started

Nurys has provided glimpses into their bond on social media, disclosing that their connection initially blossomed on Instagram through playful and flirtatious interactions. Despite the show’s tendency to foster showmances, the authenticity of Nurys and Horacio’s love has become evident, consistently evolving since the filming of “Battle for a New Champion.”

Future Plans

In December 2023, Nurys offered fans a sneak peek into their future aspirations, hinting that Horacio would be relocating to Los Angeles after wrapping up filming for the All-Stars edition of Exatlon Estados Unidos. This choice to cohabit and establish a life beyond The Challenge underscores the depth of their devotion and commitment to one another, transcending the competitive dynamics of the show. Enthusiastic followers eagerly anticipate the forthcoming stages of their relationship, eager to witness its evolution amid the challenges presented by the game.

Who are Nurys and Horacio?

Renowned reality TV personalities, Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez Jr., rose to fame through their participation in MTV’s The Challenge. Horacio initially garnered audience attention in Season 38, Ride or Dies, establishing what initially appeared to be a platonic bond with Olivia Kaiser. However, it was with Nurys Mateo, also making her debut in the same season, that a romantic connection flourished. The pair made a return as a couple in Season 39, The Battle for a New Champion, captivating viewers with the progression of their romance within the competitive backdrop of the show.

Nurys and Horacio Relationship Timeline

Within the dynamic realm of MTV’s The Challenge, the unfolding relationship between Horacio Gutierrez Jr. and Nurys Mateo commenced in Season 38, titled “Ride or Dies.” Initially paired with Olivia Kaiser, Horacio formed what seemed to be a platonic connection. However, sparks ignited between him and Nurys Mateo, a fellow cast member.

Their romantic journey continued in Season 39, “Battle for a New Champion,” where they returned as a couple. The challenges of the game not only tested their skills but also nurtured an authentic connection between them. Despite the show’s history of transient showmances, Nurys and Horacio’s relationship has proven to be enduring.

In an enlightening social media Q&A session, Nurys delved deeper into their relationship, confirming that they started dating during the filming of “Battle for a New Champion,” and their love has only strengthened since then. The couple faced the challenge of a long-distance relationship when Horacio filmed an All-Stars version of Exatlon Estados Unidos.

Nurys also revealed their future plans, indicating that once Horacio completes filming, he will join her in Los Angeles. Taking a significant step forward, the couple plans to move in together in Texas, underscoring their commitment and dedication to each other, transcending the competitive nature of The Challenge.

About The Challenge

The Challenge, initially known as Road Rules: All Stars in 1998, underwent a series of name changes, eventually settling on its current title by the 19th season. Originating as a competition featuring contestants from MTV’s The Real World and Road Rules, the show expanded its casting to include participants from The Challenge itself, as well as other MTV productions like Are You The One? and Ex On The Beach. Over time, individuals from non-MTV shows, competitions, and modeling backgrounds also joined the diverse cast.

Hosted by T. J. Lavin, The Challenge debuted on June 1, 1998, with an initial format resembling a Road Rules-style road trip featuring alumni from The Real World. Subsequent seasons introduced unique subtitles from the fourth season onwards, reflecting each season’s specific format and theme, such as Rivals.

Contestants on The Challenge face extreme challenges to avoid elimination, with the ultimate winners of the final challenge claiming both overall victory and a significant cash prize. The ongoing season, titled Battle for a New Champion, kicked off on October 25, 2023. The show has evolved from its original concept, maintaining its popularity by incorporating a diverse range of participants and thrilling audiences with intense challenges.

Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez Jr., participants from MTV’s The Challenge, have managed to sustain a committed relationship despite the hurdles of long-distance and the competitive nature of the show. As they progress into cohabitation and beyond, fans eagerly anticipate the future chapters of this beloved couple. The Challenge, as a reality competition, continues to amass a large following, captivating audiences with its challenging scenarios and diverse cast.


Q: Is there still a romantic connection between Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez Jr.?

A: Absolutely, Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez Jr. are still in a strong and thriving relationship despite any obstacles that may have come their way.

Q: How did the paths of Nurys and Horacio cross?

A: The initial encounter between Nurys and Horacio took place on Season 38 of MTV’s The Challenge, sparking the beginning of their romantic journey.

Q: What lies ahead for Nurys and Horacio?

A: The couple has plans to reside together in Texas once Horacio finishes filming. They eagerly anticipate creating a life beyond their experiences on The Challenge.

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