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Another Code Recollection : What is the hidden message?

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Another Code Recollection : What is the hidden message?

Hidden Messages in Another Code: Recollection

News: Another Code: Recollection, a compelling assortment of adventure games, made its debut on the Nintendo Switch on January 19, 2024. Crafted by Arc System Works and distributed by Nintendo, the collection encompasses revamped versions of two games: Another Code: Two Memories and its follow-up, Another Code R – A Journey into Lost Memories. Immerse yourself in these games for a captivating narrative experience, where concealed messages act as captivating fragments of lore, enhancing the overall storytelling of the game.

Unveiling Hidden Messages

Within Recollection, players embark on an immersive journey, delving into the personal reflections and anecdotes of the character Richard through concealed messages. These messages, symbolized by origami birds featuring QR codes, are strategically placed throughout the game’s chapters. To reveal these concealed insights, players need to utilize their in-game camera to capture images of the camouflaged origami birds. Upon successful capture, the messages seamlessly integrate into the player’s collection, easily accessible through the Dual Another System (DAS).

Exploring the Lore

In Another Code Recollection, there are a total of 23 concealed messages. A detailed guide unveils the exact locations of these messages, empowering players to navigate through diverse rooms and uncover Richard’s personal reflections. These hidden messages serve as crucial windows into the game’s lore, offering valuable insights that contribute to a rich narrative tapestry, enhancing the overall depth and experience of the game.

Enhancements in Gameplay and Presentation

The initial installment, Another Code: Two Memories, stays true to the original, while its sequel, Another Code R – A Journey into Lost Memories, introduces substantial changes to the storyline. Nevertheless, the core plot points remain unchanged. This compilation not only serves as an exciting update for existing fans of the series but also presents an enticing opportunity for newcomers to delve into these immersive adventure games.

Another Code: Recollection boasts improved gameplay and presentation. Cutscenes now feature voiced characters, offering both English and Japanese voiceovers. In Two Memories, select characters are now animated, and the top-down perspective has been replaced with a third-person view. The conventional Dual Another System (DAS) has been substituted with a regular menu, and character conversations are now presented in a manga style.

The game’s flashback and memory sequences showcase a distinctive art style, with memories undergoing alterations, and a novel collection of collectibles named Another Keys has been introduced. Character designs, clothing, and accessories have all undergone redesigns, injecting fresh vitality into the game. The DAS design now mirrors a Nintendo Switch, and audio enhancements include a re-recorded soundtrack and new music additions.

The Storytelling Journey

Centered around the protagonist Ashley, the game unfolds the tale of a young girl who stumbles upon a mysterious Dual Another System (DAS) left behind by her estranged father. As players venture through various memories, unraveling secrets, they are immersed in a fusion of puzzle-solving and storytelling. The initial segment, Two Memories, guides players through Ashley’s childhood residence, delving into her familial ties. The narrative takes unforeseen twists and turns, unveiling memories in a fresh art style and introducing new characters along the way.

A Captivating Gaming Experience

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Another Code: Recollection, where a rich and immersive gaming experience awaits. The strategically placed hidden messages throughout the game add layers of depth to the narrative, offering players a chance to unravel the thoughts and memories of the character Richard. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of the original games or a newcomer to the series, this collection presents an exciting opportunity to explore the intricate lore and discover the secrets hidden within Another Code: Recollection. Prepare to unveil the mysteries and embark on a journey like no other.


Q: What is the number of concealed messages present in Another Code: Recollection?

A: There are a total of 23 concealed messages scattered throughout Another Code: Recollection.

Q: Is there a resource to help me discover the exact locations of all the hidden messages in Another Code: Recollection?

A: Yes, a comprehensive guide is available to assist you in uncovering the precise locations of all hidden messages in Another Code: Recollection.

Q: What improvements can be found in Another Code: Recollection in comparison to the original games?

A: Another Code: Recollection boasts enhanced gameplay, featuring voiced characters, updated visuals, new collectibles, and an improved user interface.

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