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$1660 Extra CPP Payment Date 2024, Addition By CRA, Check Eligibility Criteria, Payment Dates, Amount & Status

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Canada Pension Plan: $1660 Extra CPP Payment Date 2024 and More

Canada Pension Plan: $1660 Extra CPP Payment Date 2024 and More

$1660 Extra CPP Payment Date 2024

News: The Extra CPP Payment Date 2024, totaling $1660, is an extra payment available to qualifying applicants within the framework of the Canada Pension Plan. This supplementary amount is disbursed monthly and is directly transferred to the recipient’s bank account. For those seeking information on Canada Pension Plan Eligibility 2024 and the process for obtaining the $1660 Extra CPP Payment, read on for further details.

$1660 CPP Increase 2024

The CPP Increase 2024 designates the supplementary sum allocated to eligible senior citizens within the Canada Pension Plan. The Canadian government has disclosed the CPP payment schedule for the year 2024, with varying amounts based on the applicant’s category. Below is an outline of the Canada Pension Plan Amount 2024:

  • Pension After Retirement: $1307
  • Post Retirement: $1537
  • Disability: $1440
  • Post Retirement Disability: $560
  • Child of a Disabled: $280
  • Death Benefit (Once): $2500

CPP Payment Schedule 2024

The CPP payments are distributed monthly, underscoring the importance for applicants to stay informed about the CPP Payment Dates 2024. Familiarizing themselves with the schedule allows recipients to anticipate the timing of their payments. The following are the CPP Payment Dates for 2024:

  • January 29th
  • February 27th
  • March 26th
  • April 26th
  • May 29th
  • June 27th
  • July 29th
  • August 28th
  • September 26th
  • October 29th
  • November 27th
  • December 21st

Who Is Eligible For Getting The CPP Payment?

To qualify for CPP payments, applicants must fulfill specific criteria. Here are the eligibility requirements for receiving CPP payments:

1. Permanent Citizenship: Applicants must be permanent citizens of Canada.

2. CPP Contribution: Applicants must have contributed to the CPP during their earning period.

3. Age Requirement: Applicants must be 65 years of age or older to qualify for these payments.

In summary, the Canada Pension Plan serves as a financial lifeline for senior citizens experiencing economic challenges in Canada. The $1660 Extra CPP Payment Date 2024 offers additional support to qualifying applicants, emphasizing the importance of comprehending eligibility criteria and payment timelines. By adhering to the prescribed steps, applicants can verify their CPP payment status, guaranteeing receipt of the entitled benefits. For further details on the Canada Pension Plan, visit the official online portal.

Steps To Check CPP Payment Status

Although the government does not automatically provide CPP payments, eligible seniors can apply to receive them. To check the status of their CPP payment, applicants should follow these steps:

  1. Total Earnings: It is crucial for applicants to assert that their monthly pension amount is determined by their total earnings over the course of their earning period.
  2. Official Online Portal: Applicants can check the status of their CPP payments by visiting the official online portal at
  3. Login: Applicants need to log in to their MSC (My Service Canada) account using their social insurance number and furnish the required details.
  4. Payment Processing: Upon completing the necessary details, it may take 1-2 days for the payment to reflect in the applicant’s bank account. In case of any issues, applicants can reach out to the official authorities for assistance.


What is the meaning of CPP?

CPP stands for Canada Pension Plan.

Who qualifies for the $1660 Extra CPP Payment Date 2024?

To be eligible for the $1660 Extra CPP Payment Date 2024, applicants must meet the eligibility criteria set by the government.

Which organization will issue the $1660 Extra CPP Payment Date 2024?

The $1660 Extra CPP Payment Date 2024 will be issued by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Where can applicants obtain CPP application forms?

CPP application forms are accessible on the official online portal of the Canada Pension Plan at

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