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Who were Cindy, Kyu, and James Cho? Korean family killed in Allen Outlet Mall, Texas, shooting

Post Last Updates: Tuesday, May 9, 2023 @ 5:02 PM


Who were Cindy, Kyu, and James Cho? Korean family killed in Allen Outlet Mall, Texas, shooting


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  • The Allen Outlet Mall witnessed the unfortunate demise of nine individuals, among whom were Cindy, Kyu, and James Cho.
  • The perpetrator was eventually apprehended and met his demise at the hands of a law enforcement officer.
  • The incident has left James, Cindy, Kyu, and the other victims’ families in a state of profound mourning.

On May 6, 2023, a shooting of significant magnitude occurred at the Allen Premium Outlets, a shopping mall located in Allen, Texas. Among the nine individuals who lost their lives in the incident were Cindy, Kyu, James Cho, and the perpetrator who was ultimately killed by a police officer already present in the area.

Who were Cindy, Kyu, and James Cho?

On May 6, a group comprising of Cindy, Kyu, William, and 3-year-old James Cho visited North Texas’ Allen outlet mall. Sadly, the afternoon outing was tragically curtailed by yet another mass shooting, which resulted in the untimely death of eight individuals, including William and James Cho.

The family is currently mourning the tragic loss of James, 3, Cindy, Kyu, and several other victims. Their only surviving family member is their 6-year-old son, William, who has recently been discharged from intensive care. To assist the bereaved family, a GoFundMe campaign is underway.

The perpetrator of the crime has been identified as Mauricio Garcia, aged 33, who resided in a motel and worked as a security guard. It has been revealed that Garcia received firearms training during his tenure as a security guard.

Interestingly, Garcia had no notable criminal record prior to the incident. However, to date, no clear motive has been established for his involvement in the shooting.

The official count of fatalities includes two additional children – Sofia, a second-grader, and Daniela, a fourth-grader, both of whom lost their lives in the incident. Ilda, their mother, is currently in a critical state. The principal of the school that the girls attended, Krista Wilson, referred to them as “rays of sunshine.” In addition, one of the other victims was an Indian engineer, and another was a security guard who was described by a relative as having a “beautiful soul.”

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