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Who was Nancy Mace married To? Know About the Life and Relationship

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Nancy Mace’s Marital History

Nancy Mace's Marital History

News: Nancy Mace, a well-known figure in American politics, has been consistently in the public eye due to her personal life. This article is dedicated to exploring Congresswoman Mace’s marital history, focusing on her past relationships with Curtis Jackson and Chris Niemiec, and providing insights into her recent engagement to software entrepreneur Patrick Bryant. Stay tuned for a detailed look at this aspect of her life and the impact it may have on her political journey.

Nancy Mace’s Marital History

In 2004, Nancy Mace entered into a marriage with Curtis Jackson, and the couple was blessed with two children during the course of their relationship. However, their marriage faced challenges, and they ultimately decided to part ways in 2019, marking the end of their union.

Aside from Curtis Jackson, Nancy was also married to Chris Niemiec. Chris, known for his role as a respected lawyer and a JAG Corps officer in the United States Air Force Reserves, was once married to Nancy.

In a significant turn of events in 2022, Nancy Mace found love once again, this time with Patrick Bryant, a prominent software entrepreneur based in Charleston. Their engagement announcement in May 2022 captured widespread attention, leaving many curious about the story of how the couple met and the details of their relationship. The public has been eager to learn more about this new chapter in Nancy Mace’s personal life.

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Over the years, Nancy Mace has been a subject of extensive media coverage, with a particular focus on her personal life. From her heartfelt remarks about her fiancé to candid revelations in interviews, her words and actions consistently make headlines. Stories detailing her choices, such as prioritizing a prayer breakfast over spending time with her fiancé in the morning, have garnered significant attention, sparking public interest and discussions about her lifestyle and values.

Nancy’s openness about her personal life has garnered both admiration and criticism. While many admire her candidness, some conservative factions have criticized her, particularly for her remarks on premarital relations with her fiancé.

Indeed, Nancy Mace’s personal life, marked by love, heartbreak, and second chances, strikes a chord with many individuals. Her journey through past marriages to Curtis Jackson and Chris Niemiec, along with her recent engagement to Patrick Bryant, has been notably eventful. The public’s keen interest in her life, coupled with media coverage and occasional controversies, underscores her visibility and significance in American politics. Mace’s experiences and how she navigates her personal and public life continue to be a subject of interest and discussion, showcasing her influence and presence in the political landscape.


1. How many marriages has Nancy Mace had?

Nancy Mace has been married twice, first to Curtis Jackson and then to Chris Niemiec.

2.Who is Nancy Mace engaged to at present?

Nancy Mace is currently engaged to Patrick Bryant, a software entrepreneur based in Charleston.

3.Did Nancy Mace have any children with her former spouse?

Yes, Nancy and her ex-husband Curtis Jackson have two children together.

4. When did Nancy Mace and Patrick Bryant become engaged?

Nancy Mace announced her engagement to Patrick Bryant in May 2022.


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