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Who is Roger Goodell’s Wife, Jane Skinner ? Meet NFL commissioner’s wife

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Jane Skinner Goodell – A Woman of Substance and Elegance

Jane Skinner Goodell

News: Jane Skinner Goodell is a remarkable individual who embarked on her journey in the bustling city of New York. She pursued her education at Northwestern University, where her fervor for journalism blossomed. Commencing her career as a news anchor at a local New York station, she swiftly ascended the ranks of prominence. Ultimately, she became part of the esteemed Fox News Channel, where she co-hosted the widely watched daytime news program, “Happening Now.”

A Love Story and Devotion to Family

In October 1997, Jane Skinner Goodell entered into matrimony with Roger Goodell, who was an executive with the NFL at the time. Their love story took a profound turn when they were blessed with twin daughters in 2001. Jane, driven by her unwavering commitment to her family, made the selfless choice to retire from her flourishing journalism career, devoting herself entirely to her roles as a devoted wife and loving mother.

A Strong Bond and Community Engagement

The Goodell family presently calls Bronxville, New York, home, where they have cultivated a close-knit bond and fostered strong ties within their community. Jane Skinner Goodell has also embraced her latest undertaking, “A Lifetime of Sundays,” a project that highlights the remarkable stories of women in football. Through this endeavor, she remains committed to making a positive impact and serving as an inspiration to others.

Charismatic Presence and Admirable Personality

Jane Skinner Goodell frequently finds herself in the media spotlight during NFL events. Her captivating personality and charismatic presence have resonated with numerous individuals, including celebrities such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Jane’s remarkable ability to connect with people and leave a lasting impression is indeed deserving of admiration.

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A Supportive Partner and Shared Journey

While Roger Goodell’s estimated net worth of $200 million is noteworthy, it’s essential to acknowledge that Jane Skinner Goodell’s accomplishments extend far beyond financial considerations. She stands as a unwavering source of support for her husband as he fulfills his role as NFL Commissioner. Moreover, there are reports indicating a potential extension of his tenure, and Jane Skinner Goodell is right there by his side, supporting him every step of the way.

Jane Skinner Goodell is undeniably a woman of substance and elegance, who has left her mark in the realm of journalism and as a devoted mother. Her steadfast partnership with Roger Goodell serves as a testament to their enduring love and the remarkable journey they share through life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What was Jane Skinner Goodell’s profession before her retirement?

A: Jane Skinner Goodell had a successful career in journalism, starting as a news anchor and later co-hosting a popular news show at Fox News Channel.

Q: Where does Jane Skinner Goodell and her family live?

A: The Goodell family currently resides in Bronxville, New York.

Q: What does “A Lifetime of Sundays” entail, and how is Jane Skinner Goodell connected to it?

A: “A Lifetime of Sundays” is a project that highlights the stories of women in football. Jane Skinner Goodell is actively engaged in this endeavor, making a positive impact and inspiring others.


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