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Who is Mikel Arteta’s wife Lorena Bernal? The Miss World candidate

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Mikel Arteta’s Wife – Lorena Bernal

Mikel Arteta's Wife - Lorena Bernal

News: Mikel Arteta, the current manager of Arsenal Football Club, is married to Lorena Bernal, a remarkable woman who has carved her own path in the modeling and acting industry. Although she is frequently acknowledged as “Mikel Arteta’s wife,” it’s important to highlight Lorena’s individual achievements. Let’s explore Lorena Bernal’s life and career, as well as her shared journey with Mikel Arteta.

Early Life and Career

Lorena Bernal was born in Rosario, Argentina, in 1979. Her career soared to new heights in Spain when she clinched the Miss Spain crown in 1999, subsequently representing her country in the Miss World pageant and achieving a top-10 finish. Lorena’s journey of success didn’t halt there; she expanded her horizons to the United States, securing roles in popular television series like “CSI: Miami” and “Chuck.” Furthermore, she played a significant part in the Spanish soap opera “El Secreto de Puente Viejo.”

Love and Family

In 2002, Lorena’s journey intertwined with Mikel Arteta’s, marking the beginning of their love story. After eight years of togetherness, they celebrated their deep connection with a beautiful wedding ceremony in 2010. Presently, Lorena frequently stands by Mikel’s side at his matches, demonstrating unwavering support. Together, they are proud parents to three children: Gabriel (born in 2009), Daniel (born in 2012), and Oliver (born in 2015).

Balance and Advocacy

Despite the demands of her roles as a wife and mother, Lorena remains dedicated to pursuing her passions in modeling and acting. She skillfully strikes a balance between her career and motherhood while residing in London. In addition to her professional pursuits, Lorena leverages her platform to champion women’s rights and children’s education, establishing herself as a prominent advocate in these crucial areas.

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Inspiration and Success

Lorena Bernal’s life journey stands as a powerful testament to the transformative influence of hard work, ambition, and love. While she may be recognized as Mikel Arteta’s spouse, it’s essential not to overlook her remarkable achievements in the modeling and acting sphere. Lorena serves as an inspiration to countless individuals, demonstrating that it is indeed possible to excel in one’s profession while concurrently being a steadfast and supportive partner as well as a devoted mother.

Lorena Bernal is a versatile talent, hailing from Argentina and Spain, with a successful career as an actress, television host, and model. She married Mikel Arteta in 2010, and the couple has been blessed with three children. Lorena’s notable achievements include winning the Miss Spain title in 1999 and her prominent acting roles in popular TV series. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Lorena is a passionate advocate for women’s rights and children’s education. Her journey serves as an inspiration, illustrating that one can successfully balance a thriving career with the roles of a loving spouse and devoted parent.


Q: What is Lorena Bernal famous for?

A: Lorena Bernal is known for her successful modeling career, winning the Miss Spain title in 1999 and representing the country in the Miss World pageant.

Q: How many kids does Lorena Bernal share with Mikel Arteta?

A: Lorena and Mikel Arteta have three children together: Gabriel, Daniel, and Oliver.

Q: For which causes does Lorena Bernal advocate?

A: Lorena Bernal advocates for women’s rights and children’s education, using her platform to make a positive impact in these areas.


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