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Transformation Church Evacuated During Christmas Eve Service

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Transformation Church Service Evacuated Following Bomb Threat

Transformation Church Service Evacuated Following Bomb Threat

News: On the evening of Christmas Eve, attendees at Transformation Church in Bixby, Oklahoma experienced a sudden interruption to their service as the building was evacuated in response to a bomb threat. In a swift and organized manner, the church promptly canceled its Sunday service, working closely with authorities to ensure a safe evacuation. Emphasizing the paramount importance of public safety, Transformation Church addressed the incident in a Facebook post, reassuring their community of their commitment to ensuring a secure environment.

Pastor Michael Todd’s Response

Renowned pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church found himself in a tense situation as the church had to take swift action to prioritize the safety of everyone present. Information from local authorities, received during the service, prompted an immediate response, leading to the evacuation of all attendees, including children. Pastor Todd took to his Instagram page to share a statement, acknowledging the seamless cooperation between Transformation Church, the Tulsa Police Department, the Bixby Police Department, and local authorities. He highlighted the successful execution of the evacuation plan, emphasizing that it was carried out smoothly and without any injuries.

Collaboration between Authorities

The incident underscores the crucial collaboration between the Tulsa and Bixby police departments, along with local authorities, in ensuring a safe and orderly evacuation. Transformation Church, recognizing the paramount importance of public safety, places a strong emphasis on preparedness for emergencies, with their teams undergoing extensive training. The press release emphasizes the effective execution of the evacuation plan and assures the congregation that additional safety measures will be implemented to ensure their well-being during worship services.

Gratitude and Recovery

Transformation Church extends its thanks to the community and its members for their patience, understanding, and support throughout the recent challenging incident. The statement recognizes the vital role played by their cooperation in establishing a secure environment for everyone affected. In light of this, the church informs its congregation that the scheduled Sunday service on December 31st will be held virtually, providing an opportunity for the church staff and volunteers to recover. The subsequent in-person service is slated for January 7th, 2024, as communicated in the statement’s concluding remarks, expressing gratitude to the Transformation Nation for their prayers and steadfast commitment to the work of God.

Importance of Public Safety

In summary, the incident at Transformation Church underscores the significance of placing public safety at the forefront. The prompt response and efficient evacuation underscore the success of the church’s emergency preparedness initiatives. As the congregation anticipates the return to in-person services, appreciation is extended for the community’s support and collaboration throughout this testing event.


Q: What was Transformation Church’s response to the bomb threat situation?

A: Transformation Church promptly called off the Sunday service and executed a rapid and well-organized evacuation in collaboration with the authorities.

Q: When is the next in-person service scheduled at Transformation Church?

A: The upcoming in-person service is scheduled for January 7th, 2024.

Q: How did the congregation demonstrate support during the incident?

A: The congregation exhibited patience, understanding, and support throughout the alarming event, earning sincere appreciation from Transformation Church.

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