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Top 10 Most Watched Music Videos from 4th Generation K-Pop Groups

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Top 10 Most Watched Music Videos from 4th Generation K-Pop Groups

Top 10 Most Watched Music Videos from 4th Generation K-Pop Groups

News: The internet is buzzing with discussions about the most-watched music videos from 4th generation K-pop groups in 2022. Undoubtedly, these groups are currently dominating the South Korean music scene with their exceptional talents and commanding stage presence. Their rapid ascent to success is nothing short of impressive, consistently setting new records that leave fans and industry observers alike in awe.

The evolution of music videos has added an extra layer of excitement with each successive generation of idols and bands. Genres and concepts have undergone significant transformations, captivating fans with every release. The meticulous planning and experimentation preceding each music video launch consistently yield exceptional results.

Music videos produced by 4th generation bands and idols have become fan favorites, distinguished by vibrant visuals, deeper meanings, and a myriad of symbolic elements. These videos serve as a visual representation of the artists’ lyrics, resulting in a surge of views with each release.


Claiming the top spot is ITZY’s “WANNABE,” a beloved release from the 4th generation girl group. Part of their EP ‘It’z Me,’ the music video garnered over 11 million views within 24 hours of its March 9, 2020 release. The song’s emphasis on originality and individuality struck a chord with audiences, and the girls’ iconic shoulder dance became a viral sensation.

2. God’s Menu – Stray Kids

Stray Kids took over the internet in 2020 with “God’s Menu,” the lead single from their debut studio album ‘GO ALIVE.’ Released on June 17, 2020, the track topped various music charts, providing a much-needed distraction from the pandemic.

3. Dun Dun – EVERGLOW

EVERGLOW, under Yuehua Entertainment, captivated global audiences with “Dun Dun.” The music video for this track, part of the group’s mini-album ‘Reminiscence,’ stands as one of the most-viewed 4th generation K-pop videos.

4. Crown – TXT

TXT, a standout 4th generation group, secured a spot on the list with “Crown.” As the lead single from their debut Korean EP ‘The Dream Chapter: Star,’ the track contributed to the group’s domestic and global success.


(G)I-dle, under Cube Entertainment, made a mark with “LATATA,” the lead single from their debut Korean EP “I Am.” Written by Soyeon and produced by Big Sancho, the track soared on various music charts.


ITZY continued their success with “ICY,” a part of their debut EP ‘It’z Icy.’ The girls’ charisma and impeccable skills ensured the track’s popularity, marking another hit for the group.

7. Black Mamba – AESPA

AESPA, an undeniable force in 4th generation K-pop, debuted with “Black Mamba.” This track, included in the group’s second EP ‘Girls,’ solidified their popularity with its undeniable success.

8. Blue Hour – TXT

TXT’s “Blue Hour,” from their third EP ‘Minisode1: Blue Hour,’ earned its place on the list with over 100 million views. The music video’s enchanting aesthetic and fairy tale concept captivated audiences worldwide.

These top 10 most-viewed music videos showcase the unparalleled success and influence of 4th generation K-pop groups, captivating audiences with their innovative music and visually stunning productions.

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