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Top 10 DC Heroes Parodied in The Boys

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Top 10 DC Heroes Parodied in The Boys

Top 10 DC Heroes Parodied in The Boys

News: The Boys is renowned for its unique take on beloved comic book characters, reshaping them to suit its gritty narrative that suggests superheroes are destined to be corrupted by their god-like powers. Among these parodies, those inspired by DC Comics’ iconic heroes stand out as some of the most powerful within The Boys universe.

1. Jack From Jupiter (Martian Manhunter)

In the realm of The Boys’ DC parodies, Jack From Jupiter emerges as the weakest. Unlike the alien hero he claims to be, Jack is merely a human mutated by Compound V. Despite near-invulnerability and superhuman strength, his lack of training proves fatal when Butcher easily dispatches him in The Boys #59.

2. A-Train (Wally West’s The Flash)

A clear homage to Wally West’s Flash, A-Train’s super speed is his primary asset. However, his vulnerability is exposed when Hughie, seeking revenge for his girlfriend’s death, successfully takes him down in The Boys #63. A-Train’s defeat highlights his weaknesses compared to other speedsters.

3. Malchemical (Metamorpho)

With powers reminiscent of DC’s Metamorpho, Malchemical showcases the ability to transform his body into any element. Despite initial intimidation, Butcher proves his weakness by burning Malchemical alive in his gaseous form, revealing the supe’s true limitations.

4. Starlike (Starfire)

A parody of DC’s Starfire, Starlike, a member of Team Titanic, demonstrates impressive powers in The Boys #61 by blasting off Frenchie’s arm. Surviving the battle, Starlike proves to be a formidable supe, not to be taken lightly by The Boys.

5. Lamplighter (Green Lantern)

Lamplighter, a parody of Green Lantern, wields pyrokinetic abilities with a torch. Despite being a founding member of the Seven, little is known about him, and his off-panel demise suggests his power’s strength rather than detailed display in the series.

6. The Deep (Aquaman)

As a core member of the Seven, The Deep parodies Aquaman with his deep-sea diver appearance. Possessing flight and powers akin to the DC hero, The Deep remains a formidable supe, avoiding the Boys’ confrontations throughout the series.

7. Mister Marathon (Barry Allen’s The Flash)

A parody of Barry Allen’s Flash, Mister Marathon’s status as a founding member of the Seven elevates him above A-Train in terms of power. Despite his demise in The Boys #21, Mister Marathon’s heroic end distinguishes him from other speedster parodies.

8. Queen Maeve (Wonder Woman)

Queen Maeve, The Boys’ Wonder Woman parody, showcases flight, superhuman strength, and wields a sword. As a core member of the Seven, her ability to confront Homelander in The Boys #63 emphasizes her strength among the supes.

9. Homelander (Superman)

The most recognizable DC parody in The Boys, Homelander mimics Superman’s powers but embodies the antithesis of his values. Despite god-tier power, Homelander meets his match in The Boys series, facing a supe even more formidable than himself.

10. Black Noir (Batman)

The Boys’ version of Batman, Black Noir, initially appears as a silent ninja with gadgets and skills. Revealed as a clone of Homelander, Black Noir’s true strength surpasses the series’ strongest supe, ultimately proving to be the most powerful character in The Boys.

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