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Steven Kitshoff’s Wife Aimee: An Inspiring Journey in 2023

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Steven Kitshoff and Aimee Kitshoff: A Dynamic Duo

Steven Kitshoff and Aimee Kitshoff: A Dynamic Duo

News: Steven Kitshoff, the skilled rugby player hailing from South Africa, has been making headlines not just for his remarkable prowess on the rugby field but also for his remarkable wife, Aimee Kitshoff. The duo is embarking on a thrilling new chapter in Ireland, where Steven is set to join the ranks of Ulster. In this piece, we’ll delve into Aimee’s multifaceted roles as a public relations and events manager, a brand ambassador, and a wholehearted supporter of her husband’s flourishing rugby journey.

Aimee Kitshoff: A Woman of Many Talents

Aimee Kitshoff’s professional journey is truly commendable. She presently holds a role at Rockstar Luxury Group, a prestigious company specializing in travel and events. In her capacity as a public relations and events manager, Aimee plays a pivotal role in orchestrating top-tier events and overseeing public relations efforts, making significant contributions to the company’s prosperity. Moreover, Aimee wears the hat of a brand ambassador for Pulse Dermatology & Laser, a globally recognized name in skincare products and treatments, further showcasing her versatile talents and expertise.

A New Chapter in Ireland

Steven and Aimee Kitshoff’s choice to relocate to Ireland represents a momentous shift in their lives. It goes beyond just changing their surroundings; it signifies the commencement of a fresh and exciting chapter for the couple. They are eagerly looking forward to the opportunities and adventures that await them in their new Irish journey.

Aimee Kitshoff: The Ultimate Support System

The saying “Behind every successful man is a strong woman” finds a perfect embodiment in Aimee Kitshoff. Throughout Steven Kitshoff’s rugby career, she has consistently been a steadfast pillar of support. Aimee stands by his side, cheering from the sidelines, and providing unwavering encouragement, truly exemplifying this age-old adage.

Aimee’s Personal Touch

Aimee’s creativity knows no limits. In a heartwarming display of support for Steven during the Rugby World Cup, she crafted a unique jacket with a personal touch. This special jacket proudly features the Springboks logo, a testament to her deep affection for the game and her devotion to her husband.

A Love Story Fueled by Passion

Steven and Aimee’s bond is founded on love, respect, and mutual support. They navigate life’s journey together, whether it’s on the rugby field or in their personal lives, showcasing a robust partnership. In an exclusive interview, they graciously open up about the secrets to their successful relationship, offering insights into what makes their connection so special.

A Journey Filled with Love

Their love story commenced in 2015, and from that point forward, it has been a journey brimming with love and unwavering commitment. Aimee and Steven took their vows in 2019, sealing their bond in the presence of cherished loved ones. Their story serves as an enduring source of inspiration for many.

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Aimee: A Passionate Rugby Supporter

Aimee is much more than just a rugby wife; she actively engages in supporting the wives of other Springbok players during significant events like the Rugby World Cup. Her passion for the sport radiates as she wholeheartedly cheers for the Springboks with unwavering enthusiasm, demonstrating her deep commitment to the rugby community.

Aimee Kitshoff is an exceptional woman who gracefully manages multiple roles. As a thriving public relations and events manager, a dedicated brand ambassador, and a fervent rugby supporter, she stands as a source of inspiration for countless individuals. Her journey, coupled with her unwavering support for Steven Kitshoff, beautifully illustrates the transformative power of hard work, unwavering dedication, and love.


Q: How did Aimee and Steven come to know each other?

A: Aimee and Steven met in 2015 and have been together ever since. Their love story is one filled with passion and commitment.

Q: What roles does Aimee take on aside from being a rugby wife?

A: Aimee is a public relations and events manager, brand ambassador, and actively supports other Springbok players’ wives during major tournaments.

Q: What is Aimee’s most recent undertaking or project in Ireland?

A: Aimee and Steven have moved to Ireland, where Steven will be playing for Ulster. They are excited about this new chapter in their lives.

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