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Starfield Crashing on Xbox Series X: How to Fix Console Crash Bug

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How to Tackle Starfield Crashing Problem on Xbox Series X

How to Tackle Starfield Crashing Problem on Xbox Series X

News: In the gaming community, a prevalent issue affecting a considerable number of players is the ongoing crashing of “Starfield” on various Xbox consoles, including Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One. These crashes indiscriminately impact gamers, regardless of whether they accessed “Starfield” through a digital copy or via an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Despite widespread reports of crashing and performance issues on PC, certain problems remain unresolved for specific players. In this article, we will explore potential solutions to address and rectify these persistent crash issues on Xbox platforms, aiming to provide relief to the affected gaming community.

Possible Solution 1: Reducing Resolution Settings

The first solution to consider for avoiding the game’s crash on Xbox Series X and other Xbox consoles is to ease off the resolution settings. It has been noted that setting the game to 4K output can lay excessive strain on the system. Therefore, you might want to modify the resolution settings by doing the following: Visit Xbox settings via Profile & System > Settings > General > TV & display options and manually decrease the resolution to 1080p. Check if this adjustment aids in resolving the crashing problem.

Possible Solution 2: Ensure Software Updates

Another measure that could help combat the crashing problem is to keep the Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One updated with the most current software version. To do this, head to the console’s settings menu, look for the updates check option, install any available update and see if it helps solve the crash issue. 

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Possible Solution 3: Reporting the Issue to Bethesda

Quite a number of gamers have already brought the issue of recurring crashes to the attention of Bethesda’s technical support. If you, too, are facing crashes with Starfield on Xbox, it is advisable to submit a ticket through their webpage. Doing so will escalate the issue and bring it to the developers’ notice. Bethesda may suggest a list of potential fixes, but it will probably take a patch or hotfix to stabilize the game on Xbox.

Possible Solution 4: File Size Speculations

One theory around the Starfield crashing issue involves the size of the game files. Reports suggest that the game file size varies between 101 GB, 107 GB and 115 GB. The reason for the disparity in file size is still unclear but it might be contributing to the crash issue.

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