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Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival 2023 Ticket Price, Date, Time, And Location And Venue

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India’s Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival

India's Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival

News: Anticipation is building for the upcoming Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival, a highly awaited event in Shillong, Meghalaya. Scheduled for 2023, the festival is projected to attract approximately 30,000 daily visitors. Located at the RBDSA Sports Complex in the Ri Bhoi district, this event highlights the stunning charm of pink cherry blossoms lining the streets of Shillong.

Renowned Artists and Performances

Esteemed artists such as Ronan Keating, Ne-Yo, Jonas Blue, Sanam, and DJ Pink Panda are set to grace the event with their performances, elevating the excitement. Beyond the spectacular musical acts, attendees can look forward to a diverse array of activities, including competitions, beauty contests, orchestras, graffiti displays, art installations, karaoke sessions, a Ferris wheel, and zipline rides, providing entertainment for everyone.

Tourism Boost and Attendee Numbers

The festival, slated to conclude on November 19th, is anticipated to draw around 100,000 attendees by its conclusion. A substantial portion of these visitors is projected to originate from locations outside Meghalaya, thereby positioning the festival as a noteworthy catalyst for tourism in the region.

Setback and Compensation

Nevertheless, the festival encountered an initial setback on the first day, as heavy rain led to the cancellation of planned events. Despite this weather-related challenge, organizers sought to provide a positive outcome for attendees. Those holding tickets for the first day were given the option to attend either the second or third day at no additional cost. Furthermore, season pass holders received refunds for the canceled day, ensuring a fair resolution for all.

Vendor Disappointment and Rescheduling

The abrupt cancellation and inadequate communication from the organizers left vendors and stall owners disheartened and frustrated. Having geared up for a substantial influx of tourists, they were anticipating robust sales during the festival. Jaya, who owns a traditional stall, conveyed her disappointment but maintained optimism, hoping for improved weather in the coming days to enhance sales. Another local business owner, P Myrsing, expressed astonishment at the unexpected weather conditions and voiced concern regarding the forecasted rain for Saturday.

Dates and Expectations

Scheduled for November 17th, 18th, and 19th in 2023, the festival is poised to deliver a distinctive and memorable experience for attendees, solidifying its status as the most vibrant event in Northeast India. Guests can anticipate a harmonious fusion of nature, music, and art throughout the festival, promising an unparalleled and unforgettable celebration.

Previous Year’s Cancellation

It’s noteworthy to mention that last year’s Cherry Blossom Festival faced an unexpected cancellation at the last minute, attributed to a police incident involving Meghalaya villagers. The abrupt cancellation proved disappointing for both domestic and international visitors who had eagerly made preparations for the festival.

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The Future of the Festival

Despite the challenges encountered by the festival, the Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival continues to be eagerly anticipated by both locals and tourists. It serves as a platform to showcase the inherent beauty of cherry blossoms, complemented by the infusion of music and art, resulting in a vibrant and unforgettable experience. With meticulous planning and preparation, there exists the potential for the festival to achieve even greater success in the future, drawing visitors from all corners of the world to behold the enchanting beauty of the Shillong Cherry Blossoms.


Q: When is the Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival scheduled to take place?

A: The festival is scheduled for November 17th, 18th, and 19th in the year 2023.

Q: Which artists are part of the lineup for the festival performances?

A: The event will feature performances by well-known artists, including Ronan Keating, Ne-Yo, Jonas Blue, Sanam, and DJ Pink Panda.

Q: Can you provide information on the events and highlights of the Cherry Blossom Festival from the previous year?

A: The festival had to be canceled abruptly last year due to a police incident involving Meghalaya villagers.


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