RPET Admit Card

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RPET Admit Card 2014- 15

RPET (Rajasthan Pre- Engineering Test) has been conducted by the Board of Technical Education- Rajasthan. The examination is taken for the admission of candidates into the several programmes that are associated with it. To download admit card of RPET, participants can take help of the instruction specified below…

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Detailed Description of RPET Admit Card Downloading Procedure:

Step- 1: Applicants should firstly visit the official RPET authorized website.

Step- 2: Navigate the page in order to get this link- “RPET Admit Card”.

Step- 3: Select the link after finding.

Step- 4: Enter your personal details as required and “Enter” on the page.

Step- 5: After seeing the admit card, print the same for further use.

Authorized Web Address: techedu.rajasthan.gov.in

RPET Syllabus:

There are three subjects from which the question paper of PET is framed viz.

– Physics

– Chemistry

– Mathematics


Measurement  and  Units, Dynamics  of  a  Particle, Dynamics of a System of Particles, Simple   Harmonic   Motion, ntermolecular Forces, Kinetic Theory of Gases, First Law of Thermodynamics, Radiation, Wave  Motion, Nature  of  Light, Electrostatics, Electric Circuits, Magnetic  Field, Alternating  Current  Circuits, Modern  Physics, Electronics


Development of Classical Model of an Atom, The  Periodic  Law, The  Theory  of  Chemical  Bonding, Chemical  Equilibrium  and  Ionic  Equillibria, General methods of preparation, properties and uses of alkanes, General  method  of  preparation,  properties  and  uses of  mono,  General methods of preparation, properties and uses of alcohols with reference to methyl and ethyl alcohols, General methods of preparation, properties and uses of aldehydes and ketones with reference to formaldehyde, Derivatives of fatty acids; acetyl chloride, acetamide, acetic anhydride and ethyl acetate, Soaps and detergents, Preparation,  properties  and  uses  of  Benzene  (structure  excluded),  nitrobenzene,  aniline  and  phenol, Polymers, Examples of natural and synthetic polymers and their importance. Preparation and uses of nylon, terylene and Buna-S


Algebra, Matrices, Trigonometry, Co- Ordinate Geometry, Calculus, Vectors, Probability etc…


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