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Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Spoilers Manga, Release Date, Time, And, More

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Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Spoilers Manga, Release Date, Time, And, More

Fans of Oshi no Ko have been left astonished and thrilled by the long-awaited arrival of chapter 123, as leaked spoilers have emerged, suggesting a remarkable transformation in the relationships between the characters. Aka Akasaka’s beloved manga series has reached a pivotal point in its storyline, guaranteeing unforeseen turns and heartfelt discoveries that have ignited a fervent anticipation among fans, who cannot wait for its official debut.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Spoilers Manga

In the preceding chapter, a major revelation unfolded as Aqua, one of the primary characters, unraveled Ruby’s true identity as Sarina Tendouji reincarnated. However, instead of the expected resolution and reconciliation, purported spoilers for Chapter 123 hint at a substantial shift in their dynamic. Information leaked by Twitter user @xDonutW indicates that the chapter opens with Ruby tightly embracing Aqua, overcome with disbelief that the person she had been desperately searching for was right beside her all along. Amidst tearful exchanges, Ruby expresses her unwavering dedication in attempting to locate Gorou Amamiya, Aqua’s true self. She unveils her ardent endeavors to catch glimpses of him during her idol performances and her relentless pursuit of contacting the purported hospital where he worked.

However, a pivotal moment arises as Aqua discloses his long-held plans for revenge, leaving Ruby feeling betrayed by his intentions. In response, she confesses to fabricating falsehoods in her quest for justice regarding their mother’s demise, burdened by the weight of these lies on her conscience. Aqua tries to console her, urging Ruby to express her love authentically without resorting to deceit. Together, they confront their shared trauma, with Aqua unveiling the truth that Ruby is the child he had cared for in the hospital, highlighting her potential to overcome past anguish and pursue her dreams, much like Sarina had done. As the chapter progresses, an air of suspense and mystery permeates the story with the introduction of a mysterious Crow girl, observed peering through the window. Aqua encourages Ruby to gather her inner strength, expressing optimism that a successful movie release will propel her career to new heights.

Chapter 123 of Oshi no Ko presents a captivating storyline, exploring intricate family dynamics, trust issues, and the pursuit of revenge. Akasaka’s talent for surprising and captivating readers shines through the leaked spoilers, intensifying the anticipation for the official release. As fans eagerly await the resolution of the series, they remain enthralled by the emotional voyage undertaken by Aqua and Ruby, eagerly observing their personal growth and maturation. The upcoming chapter is poised to be a crucial turning point in the Oshi no Ko saga, offering readers a deeper insight into the characters and their enduring battles.


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