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Only For Love Episode 27 And 28 Release Date : Recap, Review, Spoilers, Streaming, Schedule & Where To Watch?

Post Last Updates by Ankit: Monday, November 20, 2023 @ 3:20 PM

Only for Love Episode 27 and 28: Release Date, Time, Preview, Recap and Where to Watch with English Subtitles

Only for Love Episode 27 and 28: Release Date, Time, Preview, Recap and Where to Watch with English Subtitles

The Highly Anticipated Episodes

News: The eagerly awaited episodes 27 and 28 of the beloved Chinese comedy and romance series, “Only for Love,” are on the verge of being broadcast. Enthusiastic fans of the show are anxiously anticipating the unfolding of the next chapter in the story.

A Step Closer in Their Relationship

In the preceding episode, Zheng Shui and Shi Yan made significant strides in their relationship, drawing closer to each other. Nevertheless, a new competitor has emerged in both the realms of business and romance for Shi Yan’s affection. In spite of this challenge, Zheng Shui displays unwavering determination in his pursuit of her.

Upcoming Episodes Preview

In the episodes to come, viewers can anticipate a minor misunderstanding between Zheng Shui and Shi Yan at an upcoming event. Simultaneously, Guang Ji will come to the realization of his feelings for Bi Ruo and make an effort to win her affection. However, a mix-up occurs when Bi Ruo mistakenly believes that Qin Shi is his girlfriend, adding to the unfolding complications. It’s noteworthy that the series features three couples, and Bi Ruo unwittingly becomes a source of misunderstandings in their interconnected lives.

Character Development

In addition to the ongoing confusion, Bi Ruo’s character has undergone a remarkable transformation over the course of the series. She has evolved from a privileged and spoiled lady into a capable and self-assured woman. The creators have skillfully depicted this character development. In the forthcoming episodes, viewers can eagerly anticipate numerous romantic scenes featuring Bi Ruo and Professor Yuo, adding an extra layer of intrigue to their evolving relationship.

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Release Date and Time

For those eagerly anticipating it, the release date of “Only for Love” episodes 27 and 28 is scheduled for November 19, 2023. These episodes will be available for viewing on Sunday at the following times:

  • Australia Time: 9.30 pm ACDT, November 19
  • Eastern Time: 12.00 am ET, November 19
  • UK Time: 11 am GMT, November 19
  • Europe Time: 10 pm, November 19

Where to Watch

Now, let’s discuss where you can watch “Only for Love” episodes 27 and 28. For Chinese fans, Episode 27 can be enjoyed on the iQIYI and Mango TV streaming platforms. Meanwhile, international fans can catch Episode 28 on Rakuten Viki, complete with English subtitles. In this episode, it appears that Zheng Shui will confess her initial intentions in getting closer to Shi Yan. It will be intriguing to witness Shi Yan’s reaction to this confession.

The release of “Only for Love” episodes 27 and 28 is right around the corner. Fans can anticipate a blend of drama, romance, and misunderstandings in the forthcoming episodes. Be sure to mark the release date on your calendar and don’t miss out on all the thrilling moments in this beloved Chinese series.


Q: When can we expect the release of Episode 27 and 28?

A: Only for Love episodes 27 and 28 will be released on November 19, 2023.

Q: Where can Chinese viewers access Episode 27?

A: Chinese fans can watch Episode 27 on the iQIYI and Mango TV streaming platforms.

Q: Where can viewers outside of China watch Episode 28 with English subtitles?

A: International fans can watch Episode 28 with English subtitles on Rakuten Viki.


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