Long Term Productivity And rancAssue Goes Much In Favor Of Government Jobs

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While looking out for jobs, people have a problem of deciding the organizations in which to put in their applications. The types of jobs are almost fixed with the kind of qualification that they have. The point at which variations occur is the private sector or government sector jobs. In today’s times, there are sufficient jobs in both government and private sectors. There was a time when the private sector jobs were abundant while the government jobs were not many in comparison.

As the government realizes the importance of creating jobs, it is taking up many projects and is opening up different avenues to provide employment to its citizens. People on their part have woken up to the facts associated with jobs in both the sector. In the olden days, government jobs were very much in favor, much because there weren’t many private jobs around.

Then came a time where private job boom occurred and many people took up such jobs offered by private companies. In the long run, the downside of such a rush came into the fore and people started realizing that jobs in both government and private sectors were at par. If further probed and argued, the obvious tilt of the balance would be towards the government side in a few matters.

The payment has almost equaled in both government and private jobs with the introduction of new laws and pay scales. What makes the government jobs more attractive in today’s world is not the pay or the provision of pensions. The advantages that the government provides, is the longevity of the jobs and the assurance of a promotion. The method of promotion in the companies is not according to seniority while the people in the government jobs are assured of the promotions at the right time.

Each step of the ladder to the top is gradually but surely risen by people who stay in the job. The same cannot be said to be entirely true in the private sector jobs. Since the employers are judged on their performance, there is a stiff competition among them to get the boss’s attention. There is a lot of struggling and planning to achieve a higher position. Despite of this, many people do not see any signs of their promotions. People with less experience and new arrivals can become the boss and those with experience might not be given the go ahead.

In the government sector, after a completion of a certain period of job and when the top post gets vacant, those with the most years of services, get the promotion in almost every field. Due to the fixation of a retirement age, people would not be asked to step down from a post and pack their bags unless a serious and grave mistake has been done. This system of hierarchy, in government jobs have made people think twice when given the option to join a career in the government. These factors have been seen as major determinants of the decision to join government services rather than stay back in private companies and fend for themselves.

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