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KLU Admit Card 2018

Post Last Update: Friday, January 12, 2018 @ 4:31 PM

KLU Admit Card 2014- 15

KLU (Koneru Lakshmaiah University), Vijayawada has released a notice for organizing Koneru Lakshmaiah University Engineering Entrance Examination for admission, for which every applied candidate need to have admit card so as to attend the written test at the allotted center. Here are the details to have the same from the official web portal.

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Scheme to Download KLU Admit Card 2014- 15:

I] The aspirants must open KLU web portal (kluniversity.in) at first.

2] Select the section given as “What’s New”.

3] From the Current Active Link panel in order to choose “Admit Card” link.

4] Now the registered applicants can fetch their Kerala CEE admit card by selecting “KLU Admit Card” which you will be able to get by providing your “Application Number”.

5] For having reference in future, save your admit card at a desired location and get some hard copies of it as well.



Algebra: Functions, Algebra of real valued functions, Types of functions, Surds and Logarithms, Permutations and combinations, Mathematical Induction and its applications.

Trigonometry: Trigonometric functions, Periodicity, Graphs, trigonometric ratios of compound angles

Vector Algebra: Scalar Product, properties of scalar product, applications of dot products

Probability: Addition and multiplication theorems of probability, conditional probability and Baye’s Theorem, their applications

Coordinate Geometry: Locus, Translation and Rotation of Axes, The Pair of Straight Lines, The Straight Line, Coordinate planes in three dimensions

Calculus: Functions, Limits, Continuity, Different Methods, Differentiation, Successive Differentiation including Leibnitz’s Theorem


Units and dimensions; Elements of vectors Addition and subtraction of Vectors; Kinematics-Dynamics; Work, Power, and Energy; Centre of Mass; Friction; Rotatory motion; Gravitation; Simple Harmonic motion; Elasticity; Surface Tension; Hydrodynamics; Viscosity; Expansion of Solids- Liquids-Gases; Thermodynamics; Thermal Radiations; Geometrical Optics; Physical Optics; Magnetism; Electro Statics; Current Electricity; Thermo Electricity; Electro Magnetics; Atomic Physics; Nuclear Physics; Semi conductor Devices


Atomic Structure; Nuclear Chemistry; Periodic Classification of Elements; Chemical Bonding; Stoichiometry; Gaseous State; Solutions; Acids and Bases Theories of Acids and Bases; Electro Chemistry; Chemical Equilibrium and chemical Kinetics; Chemical Energetics; Surface chemistry Adsorption and absorption; Hydrogen and its Compounds; Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals; Group elements; IV Group elements; V Group Elements; VI Group Elements; VII Group Elements; Noble Gases; Transition Elements (dBlock); Environmental Chemistry Terminology: Environment, pollutant, contaminant; Hydrocarbons-I (Alkanes and Alkenes); Hydrocarbons II; Alkyl Halides; Alcohols; Ethers; Aldehydes and Ketones; Carboxylic Acids; Nitrogen Compounds; Chemistry in Biology and Medicine

URL: kluniversity.in



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