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 KCET Admit Card 2014- 15

KCET [Karnataka Common Entrance Test] has released the admission notice for admission of applicants in the programmes that are provided by KEA. Read full application & examination details here on this page by navigating below. Read the related details on this page.

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KCET Syllabus (PHYSICS):

PHYSICAL OPTICS– Interference of light: Introduction to theories of light; Coherent sources, Young’s double slit experiment; expression for path, Diffraction of light: Fraunhofer diffraction and Fresnel etc.

WAVES & SOUND– Waves: types of waves, formation of waves, wave amplitude, wave length and velocity; frequency, Sound: Properties, Velocity in gases, Newton – Laplace formula, loudness and intensity; Stationary waves: sonometer, Modes of vibration in pipes, laws of vibration of stretched strings; Ultrasonics: properties and applications; Production (mention of methods), Acoustics of buildings: reverberation, Sabine’s formula (mention), requisites for good acoustics & methods of achieving them etc.

ELECTROSTATICS– Electric charge: SI unit of charge, Coulomb’s law, dielectric constant, electric intensity & potential etc.

MODERN PHYSICS– Introduction to modern physics; types of electron emission, types of spectra, E. M. spectrum; Explanation and applications of photoelectric effect, Quantum theory of radiation; Bohr’s theory of hydrogen atom, derivation of expressions for orbital radius, atom models, energy of electron and wave number, spectral series, orbital velocity, de Broglie matter, waves; energy level diagram, Nuclear Physics: Nuclear size, charge, mass and density, constituents and etc.

CURRENT ELECTRICITY– Different effects of electric current; potential difference, Ohm’s law and its limitations; color code, resistance, Kirchhoff’s laws, metre bridge, : Condition for balance of a Wheatstone’s bridge, Problems; direction of field, Magnetic effect of current: right hand clasp rule and magnitude – Laplace’s and etc.

How to download KCET Admit Card 2014- 15:

Step- 1: visit the University web portal firstly.

Step- 2: Go to ‘Notice’ bar of that page.

Step- 3: Click on the given link as “KCET Admit Card”.

Step- 4: Thereon give your details related to registration.

Step- 5: Hit on ‘Submit’ and get your admit card displayed on the screen. 

Registered Web Portal: kea.kar.nic.in


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