Karnataka CET Admit Card

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Karnataka CET Admit Card 2014-15

The Karnataka CET (Common Entrance Test) is conducted for admission of eligible aspirants on the courses that is offered by the KEA, find more details of admit card attainment scheme at the below given sections…

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Karnataka CET Syllabus for PHYSICS:

WAVES & SOUND- Waves: formation of waves, types of waves, wave amplitude, frequency, wave length and velocity; Sound: Velocity in gases, Properties, Newton – Laplace formula, intensity and loudness; Stationary waves: Modes of vibration in pipes, sonometer, laws of vibration of stretched strings; Ultrasonics: Production (mention of methods), properties and applications; Acoustics of buildings: Sabine’s formula (mention), reverberation, requisites for good acoustics and methods of achieving them etc.

PHYSICAL OPTICS- Introduction to theories of light; Interference of light: Coherent sources, expression for path, Young’s double slit experiment; Diffraction of light: Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction etc.

ELECTROSTATICS- Electric charge: Coulomb’s law, SI unit of charge, dielectric constant, electric intensity and potential etc.

CURRENT ELECTRICITY- Different effects of electric current; resistance, color code, potential difference, Ohm’s law and its limitations; Kirchhoff’s laws: Condition for balance of a Wheatstone’s bridge, metre bridge, Problems; Magnetic effect of current: direction of field, right hand clasp rule and magnitude – Laplace’s etc.

MODERN PHYSICS- Introduction to modern physics; types of spectra, types of electron emission, E. M. spectrum; Quantum theory of radiation; Explanation and applications of photoelectric effect, Bohr’s theory of hydrogen atom, atom models, derivation of expressions for orbital radius, energy of electron and wave number, orbital velocity, spectral series, de Broglie matter, energy level diagram, waves; Nuclear Physics: charge, Nuclear size, mass and density, constituents etc.

Way to attain Karnataka CET Admit Card 2014:

A- Firstly go to the official website of the University.

B- After that visit the “Notice” bar of the site and click on it.

C- There you will find a link given as- “Karnataka CET Admit Card” and select the same.

D- Now enter the requisite information which is required to show your admit card.

E- After filling up the details click to submit filled up information.

F- Now, print your admit card, retain at least 2- 3 copies for future.

Registered Web Portal: kea.kar.nic.in


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