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Geodesic is inviting application for the post of Manager/Deputy Manager

Location : Banglore/Pune

Position : Manager/Deputy Manager

Experience: 1-5 Year

Qualification Required: UG , B.Tech/B.E. , Mechanical, Production/Industri

Details: Candidate can send email to hr@geodesictechniques.com

About Geodesic:
For centuries mankind has been searching for the perfect form. Around 600 BC the Pythagoreans tried to split up a sphere into smaller and smaller segments. The so gained Tetrahedron, cube and decahedron forms were further investigated and split up by the Greek Philosopher Plato in his Academy. The platonic geometric forms are still named after him (Tetrahedron, Icosahedron and Octahedron as well as the cube) and were presented as well as described in mathematical formulas by Euclid in his XIII book of elements (300 BC). With the help of these formulas Johannes Kepler was able to describe the orbital radius of the then known six planets by means of a certain combination of these five forms and their inner and outer spheres in his “Mysterium Cosmographicum” (1596).
Thus, it is not surprising that the first ideas concerning constructions based on these forms came from a physicist. As early as 1919 the Berlin based Walther Wilhelm Johannes Bauersfeld (*1879, †1959) started the development of a dome structure for the purpose of projections in Jena. At this time, Bauersfeld was chief executive officer for the company Carl Zeiss and due to the initiative of Oskar von Miller began work on a planetarium that was meant to make astrophysical phenomena affordable and perceptible to visitors.

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