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Jobs in Alumnus Software

Post Last Updates by admin: Tuesday, February 22, 2022 @ 10:44 PM

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Alumnus Software is inviting application for the post of Engineer/Senior Engineers Core Java

Location : Kolkatta

Position : Engineer/Senior Engineers Core Java

Experience: 1-4/5-10 Year

Qualification Required: M.Tech/B.Tech

Details: Candidate can send email to [email protected]

About Alumnus Software:
History is slowly and gradually becoming a much more popular subject in India. History essentially is a subject that deals with recording past events and the interpreting as well as analyzing them. The field of history presently offers a lot of opportunities. It is important to study history for understanding the human civilization and analyzing the earlier cultures of the society.
Pursuing a major or an honors degree in history is a very enriching experience since it enables one to study as well as research on major cultural, social, economic and political events that occured in the past. After studying the history subject, the history graduates learn several skills that help them acqure jobs in almost any organization dealing in history. A bachelor’s or undergraduate degree helps students gain some junior roles, for instance administrative assistant, management trainee and research assistant.

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