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JEST Admit Card 2014-15

JEST (Joint Entrance Screening Test) is every year conducted by the IITs, the applicants who have registered shall now download their admit card of this examination. Candidates are advised to continue reading the details as mentioned below…

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JEST Syllabus:-


Mathematical Methods: Analytic function, Classical orthogonal polynomials, Vector algebra and vector calculus, Linear ordinary differential equations

Electromagnetic Theory: Displacement Current, Methods of Solving Boundary Value Problems, Poynting Theorem, Radiation from Moving Charges, Scalar and Vector Potentials

Classical Mechanics: Generalized coordinates, Newton’s laws, Principle of least action, Central force problem, Symmetry and conservation law

Quantum Mechanics: Addition of Angular Momenta, Bound States and Tunnelling, The Uncertainty Principle, Particle in A Box,

Solid State Physics: Elements of superconductivity, Metals, Simple crystal structures and X-ray diffraction, Semiconductors and insulators

Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics: Work and heat, Laws of thermodynamics, Harmonic oscillators

Electronics: Operational amplifiers and their applications, Transistors and field effect devices, Diodes, Device characteristics

Atomic and Optical Physics: Hyperfine structure, Diffraction and polarization of light, Interference, Zeeman and Stark effects

Nuclear and Particle Physics: Conservation laws in particle reactions, Classification of elementary particles and fundamental interactions, Structure of the nucleus, Elementary ideas of quark mode

Experimental data and error analysis: Gaussian and Poisson distributions, Probability theory, Error analysis, Significant figures, Propagation of errors, Least square fitting

Theoretical Computer Science:

Discrete Mathematical Structures with Applications to Computer Science; Elements of Discrete Mathematics; Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools; An Introduction to Data Structures with Applications; Fundamentals of Data Structures; Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms; Introduction to Algorithms; The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms

Method of downloading JEST Admit Card 2014:

a) Visit the official gateway of JEST.

b) Move on the admit card link of JEST or click on “JEST Admit Card 2014” link.

c) Now fill up your “Email ID” that you have already registered.

d) Thereon, select the downloadable link from which a new window will be flashed on your screen.

e) Now, give your personal details that are asked there.

f) Submit the details and print the newly opened page for further utilization.

Website: jest.org.in


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