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Japanese middle schooler’s viral letter to MAPPA has anime fandom in tears, and with good reason

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Japanese middle schooler’s viral letter to MAPPA has anime fandom in tears, and with good reason

Japanese middle schooler’s viral letter to MAPPA has anime fandom in tears, and with good reason

The connectivity inherent in anime has once again been beautifully depicted through the heartfelt letter of a Japanese middle school student to animator Benjamin Faure, affiliated with the renowned animation studio MAPPA. This letter, shared on Twitter, has evoked pure joy within the anime community.

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How a letter from a Japanese junior high school student to MAPPA animator Benjamin Faure resonated across the anime community:

The recipient of this letter is Benjamin Faure, an animator working with MAPPA. Penned by a high school student named Moka from Japan, the letter conveys Moka’s aspiration to become an animator herself and her admiration for Faure’s work. She dreams of creating captivating animations akin to those seen in the popular series Chainsaw Man.

Moka’s heartfelt words reflect her unwavering commitment to honing her skills and achieving excellence in animation. Her straightforward yet profound query, “What holds the most significance for you in the animation process?” reveals her earnest desire to learn from the wisdom of a seasoned animator.

In response, Faure’s reply is as encouraging as it is heartening. He expresses his sheer delight at the unexpected sweetness in pursuing his own dreams and how deeply moved he was by Moka’s message.

Faure’s statement, “This letter holds immense value for me, and its kindness is overwhelming,” underscores the impact of such sincere gestures on artists.

Further into his response, Faure elaborates on Moka’s question, providing insights into his creative journey. He highlights the significance he places on every stage of animation, particularly the initial moments when drawings spring to life, crafting poignant poses that convey emotions and narratives.

The beauty of this modest exchange lies in the connection established between an aspiring young enthusiast and an accomplished artist, transcending geographical boundaries. Moka’s initiative in reaching out and Faure’s warm reception exemplify the anime community’s ethos of inclusivity and support.

This interaction also emphasizes that a solitary letter, brimming with innocence and passion, possesses the potential to kindle inspiration for the sender, the recipient, and onlookers alike.

MAPPA’s animator’s response and words of encouragement act as a motivating force for budding artists, fortifying their belief in the attainability of their aspirations. An aficionado also shares their personal anecdotes of inspiration and assistance.

This heartwarming interchange has left an indelible impact on anime enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing the potency of even the most seemingly inconspicuous interactions in shaping lives. Social media platforms have been inundated with expressions of encouragement and appreciation for both Moka and Faure, underscoring the profound resonance of their story across the globe.

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