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The Proposed ISEET Exam 2013 Pattern
Following the meeting that was held in February 2013 by officials from the IITs, the government of India has announced its intentions to introduce a new entrance test for admission in any of the prestigious engineering institutes in the country such as the IITs and NITs. The new ISEET exam will replace the current entry tests such as AIEEE and IIT JEE. These changes are part of reforms recommended by scholars such as Dr. Ramasami, Prof. Dhande and others. They had proposed that there should be a single entry test for all undergraduate students who wish to join any of the popular engineering schools in India. Following the approval of this new test by the IITs, the government has issued the recommended ISEET exam 2013 pattern.

The proposed ISEET exam 2013 pattern comprises of two main parts with each part taking duration of three hours. The two parts will check the student’s ability to comprehend, analyze, and solve problems related to science subjects. A student will only be considered for admission to any of these institutions if he or she has successfully completed the two parts of ISEET exam 2013 pattern. So if you wish to join the engineering school, you should start preparing for this exam early enough. Find all the necessary details about the ISEET exam 2013 pattern and the weight age marks before you register for the test.

IIT officials in the February summit decided that all academic components of the two parts of the ISEET exam 2013 pattern will be prepared by the IITs but the management bit of the test will be conducted by the CBSE. Other state boards were also given the role of assisting the CBSE in conducting the exams. The IITs and other major academic institutes are planning to adopt a new weight age of 40 percent.

Important Date

ISEET is expected to be conducted in either March or April 2013.

ISEET 2013 Exam Pattern:

ISEET will be held in two phases;
Main and Advanced examination both the papers will happen on the same day.

ISEET Main Pattern:

Duration – 3 hours
Paper-Test Pattern of ISEET Main – Areas Tested at ISEET:
Reading Comprehension & Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning
Weightage to ISEET Main: 30% minimum

ISEET Advance:

Duration – 3 hours.
Paper-Test Pattern of ISEET Main – Areas Tested at ISEET:
Problem Solving Ability in Basic Science Subjects
Weightage for ISEET Advance: 30% minimum.


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