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Is D’monterrio Gibson Fired? What Happened To D’monterrio Gibson?

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Is D’monterrio Gibson Fired? What Happened To D’monterrio Gibson?

D’monterrio Gibson's Termination and the Persistent Issue of Racial Discrimination in the Workplace


News: In today’s supposedly progressive world, it is disheartening to realize that primitive thinking and prejudiced minds still prevail. Racism and colorism persist, causing countless individuals to face discrimination on a daily basis. Even highly educated people are not exempt from engaging in discrimination based on skin color, perpetuating an inferiority complex that affects the lives of others. This article focuses on a recent incident that sheds light on the ongoing issues of racial discrimination in the workplace.

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The Termination of D’monterrio Gibson

A shocking example of racial discrimination occurred in a well-known company, sparking widespread outrage and calls for discussion. Multiple reports confirm that FedEx, a renowned delivery service, fired a Black driver named D’monterrio Gibson after he reported being shot while on duty. The perpetrator of this violent act was identified as a white man. Gibson’s termination has raised serious concerns about employee safety at the workplace and the prevalence of racial discrimination within the company.

Racism and Employee Treatment

This incident brings to the forefront the pervasive problem of racism and its impact on how employees are treated within organizations. People are now demanding answers and seeking to understand the full extent of the matter. Why did the company choose to take harsh action against a victim? Is Gibson’s claim legitimate, and if so, why was he treated like a criminal? According to reports, FedEx terminated Gibson’s employment after he rejected an alternative job position offered to him. The incident he reported occurred when he was pursued and shot at by two white men while delivering packages.

The traumatic experience unfolded during Gibson’s delivery route in Brookhaven, Mississippi, on January 24, 2022. The assailants fired multiple shots at his delivery van, leaving Gibson traumatized and in need of treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Carlos Moore, Gibson’s attorney, revealed that on July 26, 2023, his client received an email stating that his employment had been terminated. Moore criticized FedEx’s decision, highlighting the lack of compassion and empathy shown towards Gibson’s situation.

Racial Discrimination: A Persistent Issue

The termination of Gibson’s employment not only highlights the mistreatment of a victim but also underscores the larger problem of racial discrimination in various industries. Despite claims of progress and inclusivity, incidents like these prove that racism still lingers in our society. Such instances serve as a reminder of the urgent need to address these issues, both within organizations and on a societal level.

Efforts Towards Equality and Inclusion

It is imperative for companies to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to combat racial discrimination and create safe working environments for all employees. This requires fostering a culture of acceptance, where individuals of all races and backgrounds are respected and treated fairly. Additionally, organizations must implement robust reporting mechanisms and conduct thorough investigations to address incidents of discrimination promptly.

The Role of Legislation and Advocacy

Legislation plays a crucial role in combating racial discrimination in the workplace. Laws should be enacted or strengthened to protect employees from such acts and to hold employers accountable for fostering inclusive and discrimination-free environments. Advocacy groups and civil rights organizations also play a vital role in raising awareness, shaping public opinion, and pushing for policy changes that promote equality.


The termination of D’monterrio Gibson’s employment at FedEx following an incident of racial discrimination underscores the persistent presence of racism in the workplace. This incident serves as a stark reminder that despite claims of progress, discriminatory attitudes and actions still prevail. It is imperative for individuals, organizations, and society at large to address these issues head-on and work towards creating an inclusive and fair environment for all. Only by collectively challenging and dismantling systemic racism can we hope to achieve true equality.

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