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IISC Admit Card 2014- 15

The IISC (Indian Institute of Science) is one of the best researches Institution of India, admission in which is a dream for every participant. The applicants have applied for several vacancies in the Institute and accordingly with the help of the following directions can obtain their admit card for examination from here below…

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IISC Syllabus for Biological Sciences:

Bases and solutions, Acids: Chemical reactions; Enzymes: Energy; Viruses; Cellular organization and function; Prokaryotes & eukaryotes; Cell cycle; Inheritance; Genetic material; Vitamins and hormones; Evolution, Body defence mechanisms; Viruses, Structure of biomolecules; Bacteriophages, Nutrition and growth of prokaryotic and cukaryotic cells; Prokaryotic & eukaryotic cells; Enzymes and enzyme kinetics; Structure and function of cell membranes; Intermediary metabolism and its regulation;

Gene structure, Photosynthesis; Expression and regulation; Conjugation and transformation; Transduction, Mutation and gene mapping; Recombinant DNA methodology; Micro-organisms and diseases: Antimicrobial agents & their mode of action; Environmental and industrial microbiology; Bio-geochemical cycles.

Plant & animal harmones and their mode of action: Antibody structure and function; Pathogens and host parasite relationships; Humoral and cellular immune responses and their regulation, Mechanisms and evolution of Animal behaviour; Morphogenesis and differentiation; Systematics; Population dynamics & Community Ecology of plants and animals; Population Genetics, Basic Statistical Analysis; Basic statistics and Mathematics; Basic Principles in Evolutionary Biology

Cell Biology, Immunology and Microbiology: Nutrient requirement for growth; Classes of micro Organisms and their characterization, laboratory techniques in microbiology, applied microbiology; pathogenic micro Organisms and disease; viruses, Innate and adaptive immunity, Microbial genetics, antigen antibodies; Cell theory; principles of processes of development; methods of cell fractionation; Cell architecture; cell division; biochemical genetics- inborn errors of metabolisms; types of chromosome structure; viruses and fungi

Mathematical Sciences: Mathematical functions (algebraic, trigonometric, exponential), their derivatives (derivatives & integrals of simple functions) permutations & combinations.

Methodology of attaining IISC Admit Card 2014- 15:

1] Go on the authorized gateway of the IISC.

2] The applicants will then need to move the cursor on the “Latest news section of the Institute’s website.

3] Write your application details at the given boxes and click to submit the same.

4] Xerox the appeared page for bringing the same for future.

IISC Registered Portal: iisc.ernet.in


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