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How to Get Frost Thistle in Fae Farm

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A Comprehensive Guide on Procuring Frost Thistle in Fae Farm

News: Delve into the enchanting world of Fae Farm, an enthralling game available on both PC and Nintendo Switch. Immerse yourself in the role of a farm manager, exploring a beautifully crafted universe, engaging with a plethora of NPCs, and tackling a diverse array of tasks. Throughout the game, certain tasks are multifaceted, requiring the collection of specific items to brave the game’s challenging landscapes. This in-depth guide is dedicated to elucidating the process of obtaining Frost Thistle in Fae Farm—an essential component for crafting the Fireproof Potion crucial to survival in the formidable Scorched Caverns. Additionally, the guide provides a meticulous walkthrough of the quest “A Frozen Friend,” a prerequisite for acquiring the Frost Thistle.

List of Topics Covered

1. Process to procure Frost Thistle in Fae Farm

2. Understanding the ‘A Frozen Friend’ Quest in Fae Farm

Process to Procure Frost Thistle in Fae Farm

Frost Thistle is an imperative ingredient needed for the crafting of the Fireproof Potion. This potion is essential for survival in the perilous Scorched Caverns. It is common for players to face hardships in procuring Frost Thistle even with the possession of the Silver Sickle and high Foraging competence. To surmount this hurdle, players should first accomplish the task titled “A Frozen Friend”.

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Understanding the ‘A Frozen Friend’ Quest in Fae Farm

While embarking on an adventure through the frosty mountains, players will come across Grell, a large but congenial creature that craves companionship. This creature will invite the player to become friends and share a meal. To successfully complete this task, players should accumulate certain items mentioned below:

a. 3 Polished Sapphires: These can be procured by acquiring Rough Sapphires in the Floating Ruins. To create a single Polished Sapphire, players need to accumulate 10 Rough Sapphires, totaling 30 Rough Sapphires. These Rough Sapphires can subsequently be placed in the Gem Polisher to procure Polished Sapphires.

b. 5 Berry Jams: The fruits necessary for crafting Berry Jams can be collected around the human village. Players need to interact with the Food Prep Table to transform these fruits into Mixed Berries. Using the Artisan Table, players can then convert the Mixed Berries into Berry Jams.

c. 5 Frost Beets: Frost Beets can be created by utilizing Turnip Seeds and the Magical Crop Fertilizer. For a comprehensive understanding of the entire procedure, refer to our separate article dedicated to this topic.

d. 10 Flutter Dust: Flutter Dust can be procured by capturing butterflies and moths found around the player’s starting farm location. Players can obtain Flutter Dust by placing these insects in the Lowlands Critter Conservatory.

e. 30 Chopped Vegetables: Using any available vegetables, players can chop them up using the Prep Table to gather the necessary 30 Chopped Vegetables.

After the accumulation of all necessary items, players should deliver the prepared meal to Grell. The next day, the cold surrounding the mountains will dissipate, allowing players to finally acquire the much sought-after Frost Thistle. Kudos to the player for not only feeding a magnificent creature but also attaining a significant milestone in the game.

In Fae Farm, securing Frost Thistle is paramount for thriving in the harsh environs of Scorched Caverns. Completion of the “A Frozen Friend” task is the key to obtaining this vital item. Fae Farm stands out for its immersive gameplay and intricate challenges, providing an enthralling and captivating gaming venture. This guide furnishes players with detailed instructions to navigate this captivating universe, ensuring they can conquer any obstacles they face along the way..

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