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How to Fix / Solve: Lethal Company Auto Sprinting Issue

Post Last Updates by Ankit: Monday, November 20, 2023 @ 3:12 PM

Fixing the Auto-Sprinting Issue in Lethal Company

Fixing the Auto-Sprinting Issue in Lethal Company

News: Fed up with the vexing auto-sprinting glitch in Lethal Company? You’re not the only one. Numerous players have voiced their frustration with this issue, hindering their ability to fully immerse themselves in the game. Luckily, various solutions exist to tackle this problem, and in this blog post, we’ll delve into some of the most potent remedies.

1. Use The -nojoy Launch Option

The auto-sprinting problem in Lethal Company may arise from the game incorrectly identifying your Steam Deck as a controller. To address this, consider disabling joystick support using the -nojoy launch option. Follow these steps: right-click on the game in your Steam library, choose “Properties,” click the “Set Launch Options” button, input “-nojoy” (excluding quotes) in the text box, and click “OK.” Launch the game to check if the auto-sprinting issue has been resolved.

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2. Check For Stuck Keys

On occasion, the auto-sprinting problem may stem from a stuck key on your keyboard or controller. Pause for a moment to inspect both your keyboard and controller for any keys or buttons that may be stuck. If you identify any, attempt a gentle press and release to alleviate the issue. Subsequently, reevaluate the game to determine if the auto-sprinting problem persists.

3. Update Your Drivers

Outdated drivers, particularly graphics drivers, can lead to gaming issues. To confirm the currency of your drivers, access Device Manager on your computer, expand the “Display adapters” category, right-click on your graphics card, and choose “Update driver.” Follow the on-screen prompts to update the graphics driver. Repeat this procedure for any other drivers that might require updating. Subsequently, assess the game to determine whether the auto-sprinting problem has been rectified.

4. Run The Game As An Administrator

Elevating the game’s privileges by running it as an administrator may address problems associated with permissions or access. To execute this, locate the game’s executable file, typically found in the installation folder. Right-click on the file, choose “Properties,” navigate to the “Compatibility” tab, tick the box beside “Run this program as an administrator,” and click “Apply” followed by “OK.” Subsequently, test the game to ascertain whether the auto-sprinting issue has been mitigated.

5. Alt-Tab

Certain players have shared that a temporary resolution for the auto-sprinting problem involves using the Alt-Tab shortcut to switch to another window. While in the game, press Alt-Tab to transition to another window, wait a few seconds, and then press Alt-Tab once more to return to the game. Evaluate the game again to determine whether the auto-sprinting issue has been rectified.

These represent only a selection of the methods available to address the auto-sprinting problem in Lethal Company. It’s crucial to consistently update both your game and drivers to maintain seamless gameplay. In the event that none of these remedies prove effective, reaching out to Lethal Company support for additional assistance is recommended.


Q: I tried all the previously mentioned solutions, but none of them resolved my issue. What steps should I take next?

A: If the solutions provided earlier do not address your issue, consider contacting the support team at Lethal Company for additional assistance. They might offer specific troubleshooting steps or a tailored solution to resolve your problem.

Q: How do I determine whether my keyboard or controller has keys that are sticking?

A: Perform a visual inspection of your keyboard or controller to identify any keys or buttons that may be stuck or not working correctly. If you discover any, attempt to gently press and release the problematic key or button to alleviate the sticking issue.

Q: Is it possible for outdated drivers to cause problems in games?

Certainly, outdated drivers, including graphics drivers, can lead to problems in games. It’s crucial to keep your drivers up to date to maintain optimal performance.


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