Freshers From Colleges Need To Get Their Rhythm When Entering Into A New Work Environment

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There is a palpable excitement among the new recruits when they are about to start their stint in a job. Some get into a job where they can make a great career out of the given opportunity, while some others have gotten into one, with the hope of finding something better. The initial excitement of having joined their first job is extremely over the top. There are parties, prayers and a sense of being at a top of the world. The salary negotiated is not of much concern for the newly joined people.

They are, plain and simple, excited about working in a new environment, with new people and are looking forward to making a mark in this new job. The initial fervor in the work place is quite high. Meeting new people and working on assignments takes a good amount of time in the office. With different characters of personalities in the work environment, the atmosphere is as cool as it could be. When joining a new organization, there are people who are already well set in the work place.

After joining as a new recruit, people find that there is something which they can’t tick off correctly. It is the internal feel in the office that they are not aware of. From the outside, everything seems great. The boss looks upon them with a friendly attitude. Other colleagues give a ear and hand of support. The initial impression is of being quite friendly. But then, after some months for the unlucky one and usually a year or so, things do not seem as settled as in the beginning.

The new recruits who are starting their careers can be aloof from what goes inside the office environment. Those who are smart enough can understand the tricks of the trade. But for those who don’t have the knack of understanding the undercurrent, such a situation can be quite stressful. People in the offices are trying to be on the better side of the boss who wields a considerable power in the office premises. To have a good impression of the boss, people can do such sorts of things that might not be in the favor of the new recruits.

Since they are new, there would be obvious tries from someone and even many, to destablise their credentials. Talks of incompetence may do the rounds. Some of the acts that have been done with sincerity might be construed as wrong doings. These are things that will never be clear on the face. But enough of these things go around in the backdrop to make the new recruit look inefficient. Freshers are required to take their guard for such situations. These are things that cannot be ignored, but have to be faced. Retaliation and reactions are not something that can solve such problems.

People who are involved in such shady dealings and talks are smart enough to not leave behind any pointers. The best option is to be smart and keep the cool. Any reactions on part of the freshers can send down wrong signals. As these are things that go around in almost every work set up, one cannot run from every place or keep on putting up a sore face always. Being bright and smart and on the cool side of things, can help the new recruits look better.

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