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FCIPT Admission Form 2014

FCIPT (Facilitation Centre for Industrial Plasma Technologies) relates industries with the IPR (Institute for Plasma Research), Gandhinagar, India. The information – base in the plasma sciences area and connected technologies is browbeaten to produce higher and non conservative technologies based on plasma for processing the material and environmental remediation. FCIPT is inviting applications for various programmes, details of which will be displayed shortly.

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Institute for Plasma Research is an independent institute run by Government of India, DAE (Department of Atomic Energy). It is exclusively dedicated to the growth of technological applications and essential research in plasma sciences. The foremost push is in magnetic incarceration fusion & processing of plasma assisted material.

The FCIPT take up the development of plasma processing technologies from the thought of commercialization and simultaneously promotes alertness of technologies through Newsletters transfer Technology & Direct marketing. The centre was established in the year 1997 with the aim to encourage the plasma technology’s commercial exploitation via incubation, development, demonstration, transfer & manufacturing.

Facilitation Centre for Industrial Plasma Technologies

Applications for Surface Engineering—

1. Surface Activation

Plasma etching of wool and other textiles

Activation of Brass

Activation of Carbon Powders

2. Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition

RF plasma polymerization of SiOx films

Deposition of amorphous silicon films

Deposition of Teflon like films

3. Subsurface Modification

Plasma based ion implantation

Glow Discharge Plasma Nitriding

4. Plasma Enhanced Physical Vapour Deposition

Cylindrical magnetron for deposition on larger areas

Planar magnetron sputters deposition of nitrides and oxides films.

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Popularizing Plasmas

Plasma diagnostics setup

Plasma experiments for M.Sc Students

Applications (Thermal Plasma)

1. High Power high heat flux torch development

2. Plasma Pyrolysis –

Biomedical waste disposal

Energy recovery from disposal of high calorific wastes

3. Generation of nano-powders using plasma torches

Running Projects:

Basic plasma experimental setup for Delhi University

Solar Plasma Interaction Experiments

Energy Recovery from Petroleum Residue by Plasma Gasification & Pyrolysis

Installation and commissioning of plasma pyrolysis system for biomedical waste disposal at various locations throughout the country

Plasma Surface modification of textiles

Textile Fiber Treatment with Inductively Coupled Plasma

DST Project along with HIFEED on “Development and Performance Evaluation of an Industrial Scale Atmospheric Air Plasma System to Treat Angora Wool for Manufacture of 100% Angora Products”

DST Project on “Plasma surface modification of polyester fibre and fabric to enhance dye uptake properties with natural dyes”

Development of plasma aluminizing process for Inconel (IN718) alloys

Optimization of process and plasma parameters for high deposition rate of Si:H thin films by VHF PECVD

Development of plasma surface engineering technologies for rocket applications

Development of a E X B Cylindrical Drift Plasma Source.

Plasma Based PVD reactor development

Facilitation Centre for Industrial Plasma Technologies (FCIPT)

Institute for Plasma Research

A-10/B, G.I.D.C. Electronics Estate,

Sector 25, Gandhinagar – 382044,

Gujarat, India

Ph: +91 79 23269003

Fax: +91 79 23269001

E mail : fcipt@ipr.res.in


Dr. Subroto Mukherjee – mukherji@ipr.res.in


Mr. Vishal Jain – vishal@ipr.res.in


Ms.Alphonsa Joseph – alphonsa@ipr.res.in


Dr.-Ing. Suryakant Gupta – guptasuryakant@yahoo.com


Mr. P.Vadivel Murugan – pvadivel@ipr.res.in

View More at the Official Website : plasmaindia.com


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