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Fact check: Is Premanand Ji dead or alive? Maharaj death hoax debunked

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Fact check: Is Premanand Ji dead or alive? Maharaj death hoax debunked

Fact check: Is Premanand Ji dead or alive? Maharaj death hoax debunked
Fact check: Is Premanand Ji dead or alive? Maharaj death hoax debunked

The digital world is currently inundated with news about the passing of revered Indian spiritual leader Premanand Ji Maharaj. This has stirred a discussion regarding the validity of the news, questioning whether this esteemed figure has truly left us or if it’s simply a baseless rumor. Let’s explore more about this. Premanand Ji Maharaj was legally named Aniruddh Kumar Panday and he was born into a Brahmin family. He was guided on his spiritual journey by Shri Hit Govind Saran Maharaj ji. His spiritual base is at the Shri Kalikunj ashram, a sanctuary devoted to Lord Krishna Maharaj in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. His warm and welcoming character has a magnetic quality, effortlessly attracting people to his teachings.

Is Premanand Ji Maharaj dead or alive?

There’s a swirl of confusion and uncertainty around the supposed death of Premanand ji Maharaj, a distinguished Indian guru. With no official validation on the internet, these death rumours are spreading like wildfire, stirring skepticism about their authenticity. The intrigue and suspicion have only been amplified by the presence of various videos of the spiritual figure on YouTube. Yet, without concrete evidence of when these videos were filmed, it remains uncertain whether they are fresh or from the archives. The lack of an authoritative statement confirming Premanand Ji Maharaj’s death as of July 2023, has led many to doubt the credibility of these reports.

The speculation about the guru’s death is accompanied by rumours about his health. It is common knowledge that Swami Ji is living with two dysfunctional kidneys, a condition that would naturally provoke concerns about his wellbeing. Nonetheless, Premanand Ji Maharaj has displayed a seemingly healthy lifestyle amidst his health issues, astonishing people with his resilience. The purported death of Premanand Ji Maharaj remains unverified, leaving the public anticipating a definitive statement from trustworthy sources. Meanwhile, as the confusion escalates, followers and well-wishers remain in a state of anticipation as they try to discern the truth amid conflicting reports.

Amidst the turmoil of these unverified death reports, a different facet of the renowned spiritual leader’s life has come to light. Following the news of his alleged demise, it was disclosed that he has been relentlessly battling polycystic kidney disease (ICD) for nearly 15 to 20 years. Despite suffering from this inherited condition, which results in the formation of multiple fluid-filled cysts on the kidneys, Swami Ji has exhibited incredible determination by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and continuing his spiritual practices.


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