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ENAT Admit Card 2014 -15

ENAT exam is conducted by the Manipal University for admittance of eligible candidates as per the requirement. Plenty of the candidates have participated for this entrance test, here are the details of admit card. Find the related information in the sections given below…

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PARTIAL FRACTIONS: Proper and improper fractions, Rational functions, reduction of improper fractions as a sum of a polynomial & a proper fraction; Rules of resolving a rational function into partial fractions in which denominator contains; Linear repeated factors, Linear distinct factors, Non repeated non factorizable quadratic factors [problems limited to evaluation of three constants.


• Indices leading to logarithms and vice versa

• Definition Of logarithm –

i. Laws with proofs:

ii. logam – logan = loga (m/n)

iii. logam+ logan = loga (mn)

iv. log b m = logam/logab (change of base rule)

v. logamn = nlogam

vi. Common Logarithm: Characteristic and mantissa; use of logarithmic tables, problems theorem


1. Principle of mathematical Induction proofs of

• ∑n =n (n+1)/2

• ∑n2 =n (n+1)(2n+1)/6

• ∑n3 = n2 (n+1)2/4

2. Recapitulation of the nth terms of an AP and a GP which are required to find the general term of the series; Sample problems on mathematical induction; By mathematical induction


• Arithmetico- Geometric series

• Summation of series using ∑n, ∑n2, ∑n3

• By partial fractions

• Method of differences (when differences of successive terms are in AP)


Connectives, Proposition and truth values, their truth tables, converse, inverse, contrapositive of a proposition, Logical Equivalence – standard theorems, Tautology and contradiction, Examples from switching circuits, problems and Truth tables

Scheme to obtain ENAT Admit Card 2014- 15:

1] Visit the University web portal firstly.

2] Go to ‘Notice’ bar of that page.

3] Click on the given link as “ENAT Admit Card”.

4] Thereon give your details related to registration.

5] Hit on ‘Submit’ and get your admit card displayed on the screen. 

Manipal ENAT Website: manipal.edu


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