ECIL Admit Card 2018

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ECIL Admit Card  2014

The ECIL {Electronic Corporation of Indian Limited} has advertised recruitment application for the several posts. The participated one may check the following sections so as to check their Admit Card downloading process. Read the full article.

ECIL Syllabus:

The question paper will contain the technical questions from the following topics—

Networks – Network graphs, Solution methods: nodal and mesh analysis, Fundamental circuit matrices, Network theorems, Time domain analysis, RLC circuits

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Electronic Devices – Carrier transport in silicon, Diffusion Current, Drift Current, Mobility, Resistance, Generation and recombination of carriers, MOSFET, Diodes, P-N Junction Diode, Zener Diode, Tunnel Diode, LED, Avalanche Photo Diode, BJT, Transistor, JFET, Basics of Lasers

Analog Circuits – Small Signal Analysis, Clipping, Diode Circuits, Clamping, Biasing, Rectifier, Amplifiers, Simple op-amp circuits, Single-And Multi-Stage, Differential and Operational, Power Amplifier, Feedback Amplifier

Digital circuits – Digital IC Families (DTL TTL ECL MOS CMOS), Boolean Algebra, Minimization of Boolean Functions, Combinatorial circuits, Logic Gates, Code Converters, Arithmetic Circuits, Multiplexers

Signals and Systems – Fourier Transform, Fourier series, DFT and FFT, Sampling theorem, Z-transform, Linear Time-Invariant (LTI) Systems, Signal transmission through LTI systems

Control Systems – Signal flow graphs, Open loop and closed loop (feedback) systems, Root loci, Control system compensators, Routh-Hurwitz criterion

Communications – Probability Random Variables, Random signals and noise, Probability Density Function, Power Spectral Density, Autocorrelation, Analog communication systems, Signal-To-Noise Ratio (SNR), Elements of hardware, Calculations for Amplitude Modulation (AM), Information theory

Electro- magnetic – Elements of vector calculus- Divergence, Curl, Gauss and Stokes’ theorems, Wave equation Poynting vector, Maxwell’s equations- Differential, Integral Forms, Plane waves, Reflection, Skin Depth, Phase and Group Velocity, Transmission Lines, Impedance Transformation, Characteristic Impedance, Smith Chart, S Parameters Pulse Excitation, Impedance Matching, Waveguides, Dispersion Relations

Way to attain ECIL Admit Card 2014:

A: At first visit the ECIL website.

B: Go to the ‘Latest News’ pannel of the website.

C:  Click then the link prescribed as- “ECIL Admit Card”.

D: Fill in crucial details as required and press the submit option.

E: Print the appeared page in order to carry the same in exam center.

Official URL: ecil.co.in


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